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Future Heat Waves and Surface Ozone, Meehl, Gerald A., Tebaldi Claudia, Tilmes Simone, Lamarque Jean-Francois, Bates Susan, Pendergrass Angeline, and Lombardozzi Danica , Environmental Research Letters, 05/2018, Volume 13, Number 6, p.064004, (2018)
Climate Model Intercomparisons: Preparing for the Next Phase, Meehl, Gerald A., Moss Richard, Taylor Karl E., Eyring Veronica, Stouffer Ronald J., Bony Sandrine, and Stevens Bjorn , Eos, Transactions American Geophysical Union, 03/2014, Volume 95, Number 9, p.77–78, (2014)
Regional Precipitation Simulations for the Mid-1970s Shift and Early-2000s Hiatus, Meehl, Gerald A., and Teng Haiyan , Geophysical Research Letters, 12/2014, Volume 41, Number 21, p.7658-7665, (2014)
Twenty-Five Years of Interdisciplinary Global Change Science, Meehl, Gerald A., and Moss Richard , EOS, 11/2015, Volume 95, Number 50, p.478, (2014)