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Characterizing Wind Gusts in Complex Terrain, Letson, Frederick, Barthelmie Rebecca J., Hu Weifei, and Pryor Sara C. , Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 03/2019, Volume 19, Number 6, p.3797-3819, (2019)
Downscaling Wind, Pryor, Sara C., and Hahmann Andrea N. , Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Climate Science, 02/2019, (2019)
A Hierarchical Analysis of the Impact of Methodological Decisions on Statistical Downscaling of Daily Precipitation and Air Temperatures, Pryor, Sara C., and Schoof Justin T. , International Journal of Climatology, 01/2019, Volume 39, Number 6, p.2880-2900, (2019)
Projected Changes in United States Regional Extreme Heat Days Derived From Bivariate Quantile Mapping of CMIP5 Simulations, Schoof, Justin T., Pryor Sara C., and Ford Trent W. , Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, 05/2019, Volume 124, Number 10, p.5214-5232, (2019)
The Influence of Real-World Wind Turbine Deployments on Local to Mesoscale Climate, Pryor, Sara C., Barthelmie Rebecca J., and Shepherd Tristan J. , Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, 06/2018, Volume 123, Number 11, p.5804-5826, (2018)
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