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AMWG Diagnostics Package


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Set Description

  1. Tables of ANN, DJF, JJA, global and regional means and RMSE.
  2. Line plots of annual implied northward transports.
  3. Line plots of DJF, JJA and ANN zonal means
  4. Vertical contour plots of DJF, JJA and ANN zonal means
    1. Vertical (XZ) contour plots of DJF, JJA and ANN meridional means
  5. Horizontal contour plots of DJF, JJA and ANN means 
  6. Horizontal vector plots of DJF, JJA and ANN means 
  7. Polar contour and vector plots of DJF, JJA and ANN means
  8. Annual cycle contour plots of zonal means 
  9. Horizontal contour plots of DJF-JJA differences 
  10. Annual cycle line plots of global means
  11. Pacific annual cycle, Scatter plot plots
  12. Vertical profile plots from 17 selected stations
  13. Cloud simulators plots 
  14. Taylor Diagram plots 
  15. Annual Cycle at Select Stations plots 
  16. Budget Terms at Select Stations plots 

WACCM Set Description 

  1. Vertical contour plots of DJF, MAM, JJA, SON and ANN zonal means (vertical log scale)

Chemistry Set Description

  1. Tables / Chemistry of ANN global budgets 
  2. Vertical Contour Plots contour plots of DJF, MAM, JJA, SON and ANN zonal means 
  3. Ozone Climatology Comparisons Profiles, Seasonal Cycle and Taylor Diagram 
  4. Column O3 and CO lon/lat Comparisons to satellite data
  5. Vertical Profile Profiles Comparisons to NOAA Aircraft observations
  6. Vertical Profile Profiles Comparisons to Emmons Aircraft climatology 
  7. Surface observation Scatter Plot Comparisons to IMROVE