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Energy Exascale Earth System Model

Information for Collaborators

Welcome new and prospective collaborators! Below you will find various documents to help orient you to the E3SM project science, development and simulation plans, and process.

ACME Project Plan: An initial project strategy and implementation plan (July 2014)

ACME Overview Brochure: A high-level summary of the ACME project (July 2014)

Information on the E3SM:

DOE Model Development: Projects that are closely related to E3SM (November 2017)

E3SM Data Management Plan: E3SM plan for data and code management (November 2017)

Code Development Process Guidelines: E3SM project expectations for software practice (November 2017)

CMDV - Software Modernization Project Proposal: This project started in 2016 to improve E3SM (ACME) software (September 2016)

CIME - Common Infrastructure for Modeling the Earth: A collaborative effort to develop scripting, data-models, and library utilities for climate models (November 2016)

For additional ACME diagnostic information, please see: