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2016 ACME Fall PI Meeting

Title Author(s) Meeting Date Download
2016 ACME Fall Meeting Agenda Wed 11/9/2016 (Agenda)
ACME Since June 2016 Wed 11/9/2016 (Presentation)
DOE-HQ-ESM News and Perspectives Wed 11/9/2016 (Presentation)
CMDV Software: Software Engineering Education Wed 11/9/2016 (Presentation)
Agricultural Impacts on Nitrogen Cycling: Climate and Air Pollution & Fire, Dust, Air and Water: Part 1 Wed 11/9/2016
Improving Marine Biogeochemistry-Climate Feedbacks in ACME & Fire, Dust, Air, and Water: Part 2 Wed 11/9/2016 (Presentation)
Improving the Interface Processes in the ACME Model Wed 11/9/2016 (Presentation)
ACME v1-Beta Low Res Update Wed 11/9/2016 (Presentation)
High Res Atmosphere Status Wed 11/9/2016 (Presentation)
High Res Ocean and Initialization for v1 Wed 11/9/2016
BGC Experiment Wed 11/9/2016 (Presentation)
Cryosphere/Watercycle Experiment Wed 11/9/2016 (Presentation)
Atmosphere Group Wed 11/9/2016 (Presentation)
Ocean/Ice Group Wed 11/9/2016 (Presentation)
Brainstorm Session Wed 11/9/2016
Collaboration between ACME and Relevent ESM Projects Wed 11/9/2016
CMDV Software Presentations Thu 11/10/2016 (Presentation)
CMDV RRM Presentation Thu 11/10/2016 (Presentation)
CMDV Land Presentation Thu 11/10/2016 (Presentation)
CMDV MCS Presentation Thu 11/10/2016 (Presentation)
Everything CIME Thu 11/10/2016
CIME for ACME Thu 11/10/2016
Script to Run ACME Code Thu 11/10/2016 (Presentation)
Land Use and Land Cover Change for v1 Experiments Thu 11/10/2016 (Presentation)
The Ocean Surface Boundary Layer: Its representation and importance in Earth system models Thu 11/10/2016 (Presentation)
ACME Atmosphere Group Highlight Thu 11/10/2016 (Presentation)
CMDV CM4 Presentation Thu 11/10/2016 (Presentation)
Atmosphere Group Publications Thu 11/10/2016 (Presentation)
Short Overview of Proposed ACME Publications Thu 11/10/2016
Short Overview of Published Publications Thu 11/10/2016
Land Group Publications Thu 11/10/2016 (Presentation)
Ocean/Ice Group Thu 11/10/2016
Coupled Group Thu 11/10/2016
Workflow Group Thu 11/10/2016 (Presentation)
Performance Group Thu 11/10/2016 (Presentation)
SE & CPL Group Thu 11/10/2016
ACME Outstanding Contributors Awards Thu 11/10/2016
ACME Diagnostics Thu 11/10/2016 (Presentation)
Workflow Overview and Highlights Thu 11/10/2016 (Presentation)
Diagnostic Viewer and UV-CDAT Overview Thu 11/10/2016
ACME Workbench Thu 11/10/2016 (Presentation)
Discussion Thu 11/10/2016
Update to Strategic Plan Thu 11/10/2016
ACME Versions v2/v3 Upcoming Features Thu 11/10/2016 (Presentation)
Poster Session Thu 11/10/2016
#A01 Spatial distributions and radiative forcing of aerosols in ACME v1-beta (AV1C-04P) Thu 11/10/2016 (Poster)
#A02 Climate sensitivity to marine organic aerosol emissions in ACME v0 Thu 11/10/2016 (Poster)
#A03 Parametric sensitivity and optimization in ACME-V1 atmosphere Thu 11/10/2016
#A04 High-Resolution Tuning Thu 11/10/2016
#A05 Prototype Workflow for Tuning ACME with RRM Thu 11/10/2016
#A06 Identifying and Fixing Water Conservation Errors in the ACME Atmosphere Model Thu 11/10/2016 (Poster)
#A07 Cloud Evaluation using simulators Thu 11/10/2016
#A08 Why Does the ACME v1 Model Drizzle Too Much and What Impact Does This Have? Thu 11/10/2016 (Poster)
#A09 Orographic Rainfall Biases in the ACME/CESM models Thu 11/10/2016 (Poster)
#A10 Investigating the role of gustiness on monsoon circulations in the ACME v1 model Thu 11/10/2016 (Poster)
#C01 Priority Metrics and Diagnostics vs. CMIP5 Thu 11/10/2016
#C02 Variability of the Arabian Sea Circulation from ACME V0.1 Thu 11/10/2016 (Poster)
#C03 Sea surface temperature and salinity south of Java as predictors of Indonesian precipitation Thu 11/10/2016 (Poster)
#L01 Robust representation of multi-nutrient limitations in ALMv1 Thu 11/10/2016 (Poster)
#L02 Composable solvers for multiphysics problems in ALM Thu 11/10/2016 (Poster)
#L03 Formulation, implementation, and testing of an intermediate complexity model for robust soil biogeochemistry modeling Thu 11/10/2016 (Poster)
#L04 MOSART-sediment Thu 11/10/2016
#L05 Data analysis of soil erosion Thu 11/10/2016 (Poster)
#L06 Landscape Orientation Improves Topography-based Subgrid Structures for the ACME Land Model Thu 11/10/2016 (Poster)
#L07 Enabling new land use datasets for ACME v1 Thu 11/10/2016
#L08 Climate based plant date for crops Thu 11/10/2016
#L09 Parametric Uncertainty Quantification and Dimensionality Reduction for ALM at FLUXNET Sites Thu 11/10/2016 (Poster)
#L10 An Update on Software Developments in the FATES Thu 11/10/2016 (Poster)
#L11 Vegetation demographics in ACME Thu 11/10/2016 (Poster)
#L12 Effects of land model variability in a coupled ESM-IAM system Thu 11/10/2016 (Poster)
#O01 DOE Marine Biogeochemistry: Overview of a Unique ESM Team Thu 11/10/2016 (Poster)
#O02 Icebergs in MPAS-Seaice Thu 11/10/2016 (Poster)
#O03 Ocean Simulations with Ice Shelf Cavities Thu 11/10/2016 (Poster)
#O04 Vertical Mixing in MPAS-O Thu 11/10/2016 (Poster)
#W01 Bit Groom ACME Data Thu 11/10/2016 (Poster)
#W02 Next Gen Technologies in ACME Thu 11/10/2016 (Poster)
A-P: Atmosphere - Performance Groups Fri 11/11/2016
A-L: Atmoshpere - Land Groups Fri 11/11/2016
A-S: Atmosphere - SE/CPL Groups Fri 11/11/2016
A-O: Atmosphere - Ocean/Ice Groups Fri 11/11/2016
A-W: Atmosphere - Workflow Groups Fri 11/11/2016
Atmosphere Group Fri 11/11/2016
Atmosphere Group Recap Fri 11/11/2016 (Presentation)
Workflow Group Fri 11/11/2016
Land Group Recap Fri 11/11/2016 (Presentation)
Ocean/Ice Group Recap Fri 11/11/2016
Coupled Group Recap Fri 11/11/2016 (Presentation)
Workflow Group Recap Fri 11/11/2016 (Presentation)
Performance Group Recap Fri 11/11/2016 (Presentation)
SE & CPL Group Recap Fri 11/11/2016
Closing Remarks and Charge/Homework Fri 11/11/2016