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2017 ACME PI Meeting

Title Author(s) Meeting Date Download
2017 ACME PI Meeting Agenda Mon 6/5/2017 (Agenda)
ACME All-Hands Mon 6/5/2017 (Presentation)
ASR Overview for ACME Mon 6/5/2017 (Presentation)
IA Overview Mon 6/5/2017 (Presentation)
RGCM and Potential Interactions with the ACME Community Mon 6/5/2017 (Presentation)
ACME Update Mon 6/5/2017 (Presentation)
ACME Status Mon 6/5/2017 (Presentation)
ACME Outlook on New Architectures Mon 6/5/2017 (Presentation)
ACME v0 Initialization and Results Mon 6/5/2017 (Presentation)
Single Column Model under CMDV Software Mon 6/5/2017 (Presentation)
Global LCLUC Drivers Mon 6/5/2017 (Presentation)
The ACME Spectral Finite Element Non-Hydrostatic Dynamical Core Mon 6/5/2017 (Presentation)
Light-Absorbing Particles in Snow and Ice Mon 6/5/2017 (Presentation)
ACME v1 Capabilities and Tropic Relevant v2 Roadmap - Atmosphere Mon 6/5/2017 (Presentation)
ACME's Interest in Tropics Mon 6/5/2017 (Presentation)
BGC Feedbacks SFA Tropical Research Agenda Mon 6/5/2017 (Presentation)
NGT Interests and Capabilities Mon 6/5/2017 (Presentation)
Ocean/Sea Ice/Land Ice/Marine BGC Mon 6/5/2017 (Presentation)
Tropics-Relevant ALMv1 and v2 Capabilities Mon 6/5/2017 (Presentation)
ACME-FATES: Dynamic vegetation and demography to estimate forest carbon cycling and competition Mon 6/5/2017 (Poster)
Advances in the Application of Parallel Split Physics and Dynamics Mon 6/5/2017 (Poster)
Convective Gustiness and Tropical Precipitation Biases Mon 6/5/2017 (Presentation)
High Resolution Modeling and Measurements in the Arctic Mon 6/5/2017 (Poster)
How Can We Make Model Tuning Less Laborious and More Transparent? Mon 6/5/2017 (Presentation)
Impact of Physics Parameterization Ordering in a Global Atmosphere Model Mon 6/5/2017 (Poster)
Possible Causes of the Weak ENSO in ACME Coupled Runs Mon 6/5/2017 (Presentation), (Presentation)
The Path to A Well-Tuned High-Resolution ACME V1 Atmosphere Model and Initial Results Mon 6/5/2017
Evaluation of Small-Scale, Nonlinear Physical Processes in Climate Simulations Mon 6/5/2017 (Presentation)
Update: Ocean/Ice Shelf Interactions Mon 6/5/2017 (Presentation)
Sea Ice Trends in Fully Coupled High-Resolution ACME V0.1 Approximate Present Day Transients Mon 6/5/2017 (Poster)
Understanding the Cloud and Precipitation Biases over the Central US in ACME v1 with the CONUS RRM Grid Mon 6/5/2017 (Poster)
C++/Kokkos Refactor of the HOMME Dycore: CMDV Software Mon 6/5/2017 (Poster)
CICE Consortium Mon 6/5/2017 (Poster)
Climate Reproducibility Testing with EVE Mon 6/5/2017 (Presentation)
Deposition and Radiative Impact of Light-Absorbing Particles in Snowpack and Sea Ice Mon 6/5/2017 (Poster)
Exploring the Capability of Topography-based Subgrid Structures to Capture Variability of Soil Properties in Global Datasets Mon 6/5/2017 (Poster)
Improving the Efficiency and Coupling of Radiative Transfer in the ACME Earth System Model Mon 6/5/2017 (Poster)
Quasi-3D Multiscale Modeling Framework for ACME Mon 6/5/2017 (Poster)
Variable soil thickness in ALM Mon 6/5/2017 (Poster)
A Biogeochemical Modeling Studying on San Francisco Bay Mon 6/5/2017 (Poster)
ACME Provenance using ProvEn Mon 6/5/2017 (Poster)
Pico-Phytoplankton Controls on Global Ocean Carbon Export and C:N:P Stoichiometry Patterns Mon 6/5/2017 (Poster)
Update on v1 DECK and Water Cycle High-res Experiments Tue 6/6/2017 (Presentation)
ACME V1 BGC Experiments: Right-sizing to fit compute allocation Tue 6/6/2017 (Presentation)
V1 Cryosphere Simulation Update Tue 6/6/2017 (Presentation)
Guardians of the ACME Tue 6/6/2017 (Presentation)
Only YOU Can Prevent Performance Fires Tue 6/6/2017 (Presentation)
ACME Priority Metrics Package Tue 6/6/2017 (Presentation)
Advances in Parallel-split Dynamics and Physics Tue 6/6/2017 (Presentation)
Next-Gen Coupler with MOAB Tue 6/6/2017 (Presentation)
The Myriad Arctic Influence Tue 6/6/2017 (Presentation)
The New ACME Diagnostics Package Tue 6/6/2017 (Presentation), (Presentation)
Arctic Relevant ACME v1 Capabilities and v2 Roadmap Tue 6/6/2017 (Presentation)
HiLAT Interests and Capabilities Tue 6/6/2017 (Presentation)
RASM Interests and Capabilities Tue 6/6/2017 (Presentation)
BGC-Feedbacks Interests and Capabilities Tue 6/6/2017 (Presentation)
ACME Coupled BGC Team: Initial plans Tue 6/6/2017 (Presentation)
Radiation in ACME Tue 6/6/2017 (Presentation)
Developing an Efficient & Accurate Model of Sunlight for Use in all ACME Components Tue 6/6/2017 (Presentation)
RRTMGP: A radiation code for the next decade Tue 6/6/2017 (Presentation)
Implementation of A Tide-Estuary Component into MPAS-Ocean Framework Tue 6/6/2017 (Poster)
Automated Post Processing Tue 6/6/2017 (Poster)
Evaluating CMIP5 and CMIP6 Land Use Forcings for ACME V1 Tue 6/6/2017 (Poster)
Migrating PFLOTRAN from NGEE-Arctic into ACME through A Generic Biogeochemistry Interface Tue 6/6/2017 (Poster)
Parametric Sensitivity and Tuning in ACME-V1 Atmosphere Model Based on Short Perturbed Parameters Ensemble (PPE) Simulations: Method, Application and Limitations Tue 6/6/2017 (Poster)
Regionally Refined ACME V1 Model over the Contiguous United States Tue 6/6/2017 (Poster)
Spatiotemporally Dynamic Drivers of Global Land Use and Land Cover Change (LULCC) in the Past Century Tue 6/6/2017 (Presentation)
The Role of Convective Gustiness in Reducing Seasonal Precipitation Biases in the Tropical West Pacific Tue 6/6/2017 (Poster)
Exponential Time Differencing and Parallel Implementation Tue 6/6/2017 (Poster)
Fully Coupled High-Resolution ACME v0.1 Approximate Present Day Transients Tue 6/6/2017 (Poster)
Plant N & P Uptake is De-Coupled from Demand: Implications for the BGC Inter-Comparison Tue 6/6/2017 (Poster)
Hierarchical Scaling of Soil Biogeochemistry in ALM Tue 6/6/2017 (Poster)
12-Month Roadmap and V2/V3 New Capabilities for ACME-atmos Wed 6/7/2017 (Presentation)
Diagnosing Coupled Model Wed 6/7/2017 (Presentation)
Science Plan for V2 and V3 Wed 6/7/2017 (Presentation)
DECK: CMIP6 Output Request Wed 6/7/2017 (Presentation)
CMIP6 Data Archive, ESGF, CMOR Wed 6/7/2017 (Presentation)
New Methods to Combine, Regrid, and Split Climos Wed 6/7/2017 (Presentation)
ACME Priority Metrics Package: A-PRIME Wed 6/7/2017 (Presentation)
Development and Testing of ALMv1-ECA-CNP Wed 6/7/2017 (Poster)
Vertically Resolved Biophysics in ALM for the Soil-Plant-Atmosphere Continuum Wed 6/7/2017 (Poster)
Dust Aerosols in ACME and Sensitivity to Model Resolution Wed 6/7/2017 (Poster)
Implementation of A Quasi-3d Multiscale Modeling Framework in ACME Wed 6/7/2017 (Poster)
Sea-Ice Biogeochemistry in ACME Wed 6/7/2017 (Poster)