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2015 ACME PI Meeting

Title Author(s) Meeting Date Download
ACME Principal Investigator All Hands Tue 5/5/2015 (Presentation)
ACME Vision and Project Status Tue 5/5/2015 (Presentation)
ACME's Testing Process Tue 5/5/2015 (Presentation)
Agile Project Management - Perspective and Status Tue 5/5/2015 (Presentation)
Atmosphere Group Tue 5/5/2015 (Presentation)
Atmospheric Chemistry in ACME Tue 5/5/2015 (Presentation)
Choosing a Convection Scheme for ACME: Update and Plan Tue 5/5/2015 (Presentation)
Computation Perspective and Status Tue 5/5/2015 (Presentation)
Coupled Group Tue 5/5/2015 (Presentation)
Land Group Tue 5/5/2015 (Presentation)
Lessons Learned from the "High-Res" Project Tue 5/5/2015 (Presentation)
New Theory for Ecosystem Nutrient Competition, Representation of Plant Traits, and Improved Advective Solution Improves ALM Simulations Tue 5/5/2015 (Presentation)
Ocean/Ice Group Tue 5/5/2015 (Presentation)
Performance Group Tue 5/5/2015 (Presentation)
Planning and JIRA Plenary Tutorial Tue 5/5/2015 (Presentation)
Science Perspective and Status Tue 5/5/2015 (Presentation)
SE Plenary Tutorial Tue 5/5/2015 (Presentation)
Short Simulations for Efficient Model Evaluation, Tuning and Calibration Tue 5/5/2015 (Presentation)
Single-Column Modeling in ACME Tue 5/5/2015 (Presentation)
Software Engineering / Coupler Group Tue 5/5/2015 (Presentation)
Tutorial on Git Tue 5/5/2015 (Presentation)
Workflow Group Tue 5/5/2015 (Presentation)
Workflow Group Plenary Tutorials Tue 5/5/2015 (Presentation)
A First Look at A New Method to Detect Problems in ACME Atmosphere Code Wed 5/6/2015 (Poster)
A New Aerosol Lidar Simulator for Global Climate Models Wed 5/6/2015 (Poster)
A New Topography-Based Subgrid Architecture for Land Surface Modeling Wed 5/6/2015 (Poster)
Application of Satellite and ARM Simulators to ACME Model Evaluation: Progress, Problems, and Plan Wed 5/6/2015 (Poster)
Atmosphere Breakout Wed 5/6/2015 (Presentation)
Atmosphere Highlights Wed 5/6/2015 (Presentation)
Atmospheric Chemistry in ACME Wed 5/6/2015 (Poster)
Bundling Runs to Improve Throughput on Mira Wed 5/6/2015
Choosing a Convection Scheme for ACME: Preliminary Results Wed 5/6/2015 (Poster)
Computational Benefits of an Ensemble-Based Approach to Climate Modeling and Testing at Scale Wed 5/6/2015 (Poster)
Coordinating Natural Aerosol Simulations: A Unique ACME Capability Wed 5/6/2015 (Poster)
Coupled Experiments Timeline Wed 5/6/2015 (Presentation)
Deep Convection Modifications for Gustiness, Timescale, and Entrainment Wed 5/6/2015 (Poster)
Deriving Subgrid Units for the ACME Atmospheric Model from High Resolution Surface Elevation Data Wed 5/6/2015 (Poster)
Development of Infrastructure for Testing Candidate Convection Schemes Wed 5/6/2015
Development of Microbe-Enabled SOM Decomposition & Methane Modules through ALM-PFLOTRAN Interface Wed 5/6/2015 (Poster)
Diagnosing the Global Water Cycle in the ACME Model Wed 5/6/2015 (Poster)
Evaluating Vegetation Demography, Carbon Dynamics and Climate Sensitivity in ALM(ED) with and Emphasis on Tropical Forests Wed 5/6/2015
Evaluation of the ACME Coupled System: First Application to High-Resolution V0 Simulation Wed 5/6/2015 (Poster)
Explore the Vertical Resolution Sensitivity of the ACME Model Wed 5/6/2015 (Poster)
Fidelity of Precipitation Extremes in High Resolution Global Climate Model Simulations Wed 5/6/2015 (Poster)
Functional Testing and Software Refactoring for ACME Land Model Wed 5/6/2015
General Policy on Paper Writing Wed 5/6/2015 (Presentation)
High-Dimensional Surrogate Models and Global Sensitivity Analysis Wed 5/6/2015 (Poster)
Hydrologic Signatures from Human Activities in ESM: Insights from One-Way Coupled Experiments Wed 5/6/2015 (Poster)
Improved Performance of Offline ALM Simulations for Testing and UQ Wed 5/6/2015
Improving Representations of Human-Earth System Interactions Wed 5/6/2015
Improving Water and Nitrogen Limitations on Vegetation Dynamics for Earth System Models Wed 5/6/2015
Integration of Prognostic Phosphorus Cycle Dynamics into ACME Wed 5/6/2015 (Poster)
Land-Atmosphere Coupling in ACME with Subgrid Topography Wed 5/6/2015 (Poster)
Lessons Learned from the 'High-Res' Project: The Importance of Atmospheric Variability and Suggested Improved Testing Wed 5/6/2015 (Poster)
MOSART-Sediment: Model Development, Preliminary Results and Future Directions Wed 5/6/2015 (Poster)
MPAS-Coastal: A Pathway for Including Coastal Ocean Dynamics and Impacts in ACME V2 Wed 5/6/2015 (Poster)
New Theory for Nutrient Competition, Plant Traits, and Improved Advection Improves ALM Simulations Wed 5/6/2015 (Poster)
New Treatments of Aerosol Formation, Resuspension, Ice Nucleation, and Light-Absorption in Snow/Ice Wed 5/6/2015 (Poster)
Performance Portability, Embedded Ensembles, and Implicit Methods Wed 5/6/2015 (Poster)
Possible Extensions to the Orographic Drag Scheme in ACME Wed 5/6/2015
Possible Next-Generation Aerosol Developments in the ACME Global Model Wed 5/6/2015 (Poster)
Preliminary Results from Implementation of A New Marine Organic Matter Parameterization Wed 5/6/2015 (Poster)
Pressure Gradient Errors in CAM-SE Wed 5/6/2015
Progress and Challenges in Testing and Coupling Land Ice Models in ACME Wed 5/6/2015 (Poster)
Progress on Porting the Community Atmosphere Model - Spectral Element (CAM-SE) to the GPU-CPU Hybrid Architectures Wed 5/6/2015 (Poster)
Regional Refinement over the Continental United States in the ACME model Wed 5/6/2015 (Poster)
Representing Substrate Competition in Biogeochemical Networks Using the ECA Kinetics Wed 5/6/2015 (Poster)
Short Simulations for Efficient Model Evaluation, Tuning and Calibration Part I: Strategy and Framework Wed 5/6/2015 (Poster)
Short Simulations for Efficient Model Evaluation, Tuning and Calibration Part II: Early Results Wed 5/6/2015 (Poster)
Testing an Alternative Initialization Strategy for Present-Day Transient Climate Simulations Wed 5/6/2015 (Poster)
The Impact of Dimethyl Sulfide Emissions on the Earth System Wed 5/6/2015 (Poster)
Tier 1b: Regional Water Cycle Diagnostics Over Amazon Wed 5/6/2015 (Poster)
Time-Slice Runs with Bias-Corrected SSTs: An Alternative Approach to Assess High-Resolution and Regional Climate Impacts Wed 5/6/2015 (Poster)
Traits and Trait Filtering from the Soil to the Canopy Wed 5/6/2015 (Poster)
Unified Treatment of Hydrologic Processes in the Unsaturated-Saturated Zone within ACME Land Model (ALM) Wed 5/6/2015 (Poster)
Use of the Regionally-Refined CAM-SE for Simulations of North American Precipitation Wed 5/6/2015 (Poster)
V0.3 AMIP Simulations Wed 5/6/2015 (Presentation)
V1.0 Roadmap Capabilities Wed 5/6/2015 (Presentation)