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2015 ACME Fall PI Meeting

Title Author(s) Meeting Date Download
ACME Fall Meeting Agenda Mon 11/2/2015 (Agenda)
Plenary Introduction - Koch Mon 11/2/2015 (Presentation)
Plenary Introduction - Bader Mon 11/2/2015 (Presentation)
Reconcile Experiment Plans against ACME v1.0-alpha Code - Cryosphere Experiment Plan Mon 11/2/2015 (Presentation)
Reconcile Experiment Plans against ACME v1.0-alpha Code - BGC Experiment Plan Mon 11/2/2015 (Presentation)
ACME v1.0-alpha Testing Mon 11/2/2015 (Presentation)
ACME v1.0-beta Tuning Mon 11/2/2015 (Presentation)
ACME v2 Science Driver Experiments Tue 11/3/2015 (Presentation)
ACME Dashboard Tue 11/3/2015 (Poster)
Biophysical Feedbacks of Vegetation to the Global Climate Change for the Past Three Decades Tue 11/3/2015 (Poster)
Coupling Implications of the Sensitivity to Turbulent Mountain Stress, Gustiness and Vertical Resolution Tue 11/3/2015 (Poster)
Data Infrastructure for ACME Tue 11/3/2015 (Poster)
Developing Topography-based Global Subgrid Datasets for the ACME Land Model Tue 11/3/2015 (Poster)
Dynamic Roots in ALM Tue 11/3/2015 (Poster)
Earth System Grid Federation Tue 11/3/2015 (Poster)
Evaluation of the ACME Land Model using the ILAMB Prototype Tue 11/3/2015 (Poster)
Higher Vertical Resolution Tue 11/3/2015 (Poster)
Implementing BeTR in ACME-v1 Tue 11/3/2015 (Poster)
Interactive Stratospheric Ozone for v1 Tue 11/3/2015 (Poster)
MOSART-inundation: Model Development and Application over the Amazon Tue 11/3/2015 (Poster)
North American Precipitation and Convection: Application of the ACME Regionally-Refined Model Tue 11/3/2015 (Poster)
Parallel Ensemble Simulations for ACME Performance and Verification Tue 11/3/2015 (Poster)
Parametric Uncertainty Quantification Workflow for ALM Tue 11/3/2015 (Poster)
Process Oriented Diagnostics in Candidate ACME Atmosphere Configurations Tue 11/3/2015 (Poster)
Publication Service for ACME Tue 11/3/2015 (Poster)
Reconciling Different Aerosol Effects in GCMs and Satellite Observations using Simulators Tue 11/3/2015 (Poster)
Short Simulations for Efficient Model Evaluation and Turning Tue 11/3/2015 (Poster)
Single-Column Evaluation of Convection Parameterizations Tue 11/3/2015 (Poster)
Strategy for Testing Candidate Convection Schemes at High Resolution Tue 11/3/2015 (Poster)
The Request Hub Process Tue 11/3/2015 (Poster)
Updates on Treatments of Aerosol, Cloud, and Light-Absorbing Particles in Snow/Ice Tue 11/3/2015 (Poster)
Variably Saturated Flow Modelin ALM Tue 11/3/2015 (Poster)
Climatology Generation Hands-on Wed 11/4/2015 (Presentation)