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2016 ACME PI Meeting

Title Author(s) Meeting Date Download
ACME All-Hands Meeting Agenda Tue 6/7/2016 (Agenda)
Plenary Introduction - Intro of New Collaborators and University Partners Tue 6/7/2016 (Presentation)
Atmosphere Group Tue 6/7/2016 (Presentation)
Land Group Tue 6/7/2016 (Presentation)
Ocean/Ice Group Tue 6/7/2016 (Presentation)
Workflow Group Tue 6/7/2016 (Presentation)
Performance Group Tue 6/7/2016 (Presentation)
SE/CPL Group Tue 6/7/2016 (Presentation)
Coupled Simulations Tue 6/7/2016 (Presentation)
Super Lightning Poster Presentations Tue 6/7/2016 (Poster)
Non-bit-for-bit solution reproducibility: A new test based on time step convergence Tue 6/7/2016 (Presentation)
ACME BER Overview Wed 6/8/2016 (Presentation)
ACME status and 1-, 5-, and 10-year vision Wed 6/8/2016 (Presentation)
Science status and 1-, 5-, and 10-year vision Wed 6/8/2016 (Presentation)
Computational status and 1-, 5-, and 10-year vision Wed 6/8/2016 (Presentation)
Initial results from fully coupled high-resolution ACME V0.1 Wed 6/8/2016 (Oral, Invited)
Ocean cavities below ice shelves Wed 6/8/2016 (Oral, Invited)
Evaluating monsoon circulations in ACME v1 ne30 experiments Wed 6/8/2016 (Oral, Invited)
Huge divergence in land-atmosphere carbon exchange resulting from ambiguous numerical couplding between carbon and nitrogen dynamics Wed 6/8/2016 (Oral, Invited)
Scale-aware hydrologic and biogeochemical modeling for the Amazon and the world: model enhancement, multi-scale strategies and dataset generation Wed 6/8/2016 (Oral, Invited)
Ocean biogeochemistry in the Earth system modeling framework: applications and approach Wed 6/8/2016 (Oral, Invited)
An examination of systematic biases in ACME solar heating rates - comparison with multi-stream Solar-J Wed 6/8/2016 (Oral, Invited)
Incorporate realistic spectral emissivity of surfaces into the CESM and the influence on simulated radiation budget, mean climate, and climate changes Wed 6/8/2016 (Oral, Invited)
v1 process for data management, infrastructure, and diagnostics Thu 6/9/2016 (Presentation)
v2 development cycle overview Thu 6/9/2016 (Presentation)
v2 new development Thu 6/9/2016 (Presentation)
v2 planned experiment Thu 6/9/2016 (Presentation)
LC Infrastructure discussion (machines, availability, turnaround, low res and high res runs - problems/solutions/strategies) Thu 6/9/2016 (Presentation)
ACME human component Thu 6/9/2016 (Presentation)
Biophysics development for the ACME Land Model Version 2 Thu 6/9/2016 (Poster)
Carbon-climate-human interactions in a high climate change world Thu 6/9/2016 (Poster)
Climate impacts of marine organic aerosols Thu 6/9/2016 (Poster)
Coupled C, N, and P biogeochemistry in the ALMv1: Development, testing against observations, and implications for C-climate feedbacks Thu 6/9/2016 (Poster)
Coupling ice shelf cavities into ACME Thu 6/9/2016 (Poster)
Ensemble simulation workflow for UQ Thu 6/9/2016 (Poster)
Establishing use of extended land-use dataset and a fully consistent carbon cycle for ACME Thu 6/9/2016 (Poster)
Evaluating the ACME Land Model (ALM) with ILAMBv2 Thu 6/9/2016 (Poster)
High-dimensional big data exploration for model tuning and evaluation Thu 6/9/2016 (Poster)
Hydrologic metrics for Earth system modeling Thu 6/9/2016 (Poster)
Hypsometric analysis improves topography-based subgrid structures for the ACME Land Model Thu 6/9/2016 (Poster)
Ice cloud representation in ACME v1 and its sensitivity to uncertain parameters Thu 6/9/2016 (Poster)
In situ eddy analysis in MPAS-Ocean Thu 6/9/2016 (Poster)
Including variable soil thickness in ALMv2 Thu 6/9/2016 (Poster)
Irrigation effects on land surface-subsurface water and energy fluxes simulated by the ACME Land Model Thu 6/9/2016 (Poster)
Issues with the hydrologic cycle in the ACME v0.3 model Thu 6/9/2016 (Poster)
Lightweight threading and vectorization with OpenMP in ACME Thu 6/9/2016 (Poster)
Modeling river flow and inundation in the Amazon Basin: Uncertainties in topography, channel geometry, and flow representation Thu 6/9/2016 (Poster)
New method to trigger plant date for crops in ALM Thu 6/9/2016 (Poster)
Opportunities in NERSC exascale science application program Thu 6/9/2016 (Poster)
Parametric sensitivity in ACME-v1 atmospheric model revealed by short Perturbed Parameters Ensemble (PPE) simulations Thu 6/9/2016 (Poster)
Perturbed convection parameter experiments: Sensitivity to ACME and CESM vertical resolution Thu 6/9/2016 (Poster)
Simulating marine ice sheet dynamics in MPAS land ice Thu 6/9/2016 (Poster)
Spatial distributions and radiative forcing of aerosols in ACME v1 Thu 6/9/2016 (Poster)
Strategy for tuning high-resolution ACME v1 model Thu 6/9/2016 (Poster)
Surface wind stress biases in the Southern Ocean Thu 6/9/2016 (Poster)
Tele-connections of precipitation extremes: ACME v0 ne30 and ne120 FAMIP simulations Thu 6/9/2016 (Poster)
The ACME "Classic Viewer" Thu 6/9/2016 (Poster)
Toward a better prediction of water stress on vegetation dynamics in ACME Land Model Thu 6/9/2016 (Poster)
Tuning the NE30_L72 ACME v1 Atmosphere Model Thu 6/9/2016 (Poster)
Unified modeling framework for ACME Thu 6/9/2016 (Poster)
Using satellite- and ground-based simulators to evaluate the ACME simulated clouds Thu 6/9/2016 (Poster)