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Evaluating Five-Day Precipitation Events for the Contiguous U.S. in Contemporary and Scenario Climates using Object-Oriented Analysis December 10, 2020
Sensitivity of sub-daily extreme winter precipitation to model resolution December 10, 2020
Examination of Miracle Spring Precipitation under the warmer climate in Colorado River Basin December 10, 2020
Making Sustained Progress to Addressing the 'Practitioners Dilemma' December 10, 2020
The evolution of energy-water-agriculture inter-connectivity across scales in the U.S. December 09, 2020
Increase in extreme rains stimulates larger erosional N and P fluxes to the northern Gulf of Mexico in recent decades December 09, 2020
Parameterization of Autoconversion Rates in a Climate Model Using Machine Learning with Training from Large Eddy Simulations December 09, 2020
Assessing prior emergent constraints on surface albedo feedback in CMIP6 December 09, 2020
Ice Sheet Model Mesh-resolution Dependence of Damage Advection and Calving December 09, 2020
Sensitivity of modeled ice-shelf basal melt rates to ocean horizontal mixing in the Energy Exascale Earth System (E3SM) Model December 09, 2020
Fast Climate Responses to Aerosol Emission Reductions During the COVID-19 Pandemic December 09, 2020
Island Rainfall Enhancement in the Maritime Continent December 09, 2020
Collaboration to better understand Arctic change December 09, 2020
Upscaling FLUXNET-CH<sub>4</sub>: Data-driven model performance, predictors, and regional to global methane emission estimates for freshwater wetlands December 09, 2020
Greater tropical ascent area reduction linked to higher equilibrium climate sensitivity in CMIP6 December 09, 2020
A Vertically Resolved Moist Static Energy Framework Highlights the Role of the Boundary Layer in Convective Self-Aggregation December 09, 2020
Cloud feedbacks cause higher climate sensitivity in CMIP6. What do observations say? December 08, 2020
Benchmarking Simulated Precipitation in Earth System Models December 08, 2020
Improving the representation of ultra-fine aerosols in the E3SM atmosphere model December 08, 2020
Global evaluation of ELM v1 and the role of the phosphorus cycle and non-structural carbon in the historical terrestrial carbon balance December 08, 2020
How does optimal photosynthetic acclimation affect future carbon and nutrient cycling? December 08, 2020
Using CESM-RESFire to Understand Climate-Fire-Ecosystem Interactions and the Implications for Decadal Climate Variability December 08, 2020
Impacts of Cloud Microphysics Parameterizations on Simulated Aerosol-Cloud-Interactions for Deep Convective Clouds over Houston December 08, 2020
Quantifying the drivers and predictability of seasonal changes in African fire December 08, 2020
Antecedent Hydrometeorological Controls on Wildfire Occurrence in the Western U.S. December 08, 2020
Evaluation of a new interactive stratospheric ozone model for the Energy Exascale Earth System Model December 08, 2020
Are newer climate models better in simulating extratropical modes of variability than older ones?: A comparison between CMIP3, 5, and 6 models December 08, 2020
Building a Climatology of Extratropical Cyclones and Fronts and Their Associated Precipitation December 08, 2020
Dissolved Organic Carbon in Arctic Rivers: Reduced Model with Functional Groups December 08, 2020
The Community Land Model (CLM5) Parameter Perturbation Ensemble Project: Towards Comprehensive Understanding of Parametric Uncertainty on the Global Terrestrial Carbon Cycle December 08, 2020