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Beyond Statistics: Providing Science-Based Guidance to Support Resilient Investment in an Uncertain Future II Posters

Thursday, December 10, 2020 - 16:00 to 20:59
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Investors, infrastructure planners, and subnational entities aspire to make climate resilient investments. Presently, uncertainty in future projected climate and weather-related outcomes thwarts their efforts. Practical, scientifically sound guidance is needed to help investors and infrastructure planners make progress toward frameworks and practices that support resilient investments. For example, given a multiplicity of projected futures, should a subset of scenarios be prioritized to promote a more tractable decision-making landscape? How can scientists help convey—while avoiding constraining—uncertainty in projected outcomes? How can scientists contribute to communication of projected variability as well as uncertainty in manner that inspires, rather than overwhelms, efforts toward resilient decision-making? Beyond statistics, what alternative methods and philosophies, such as storylines, have been successful in enabling decision making in the midst of uncertainty? Share success stories of establishment of long-term relationships between scientists and stakeholders; or on production and communication of usable science data, informatics and tools.

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