Impacts of a Mushy-Layer Thermodynamic Approach in Global Sea-Ice Simulations using the CICE Sea-Ice Model

Tuesday, May 13, 2014 - 07:00
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Recently prognostic salinity was added to the vertical thermodynamics scheme of the Los Alamos sea-ice model CICE. Parameterizations of physical processes that modify the bulk salinity profile of sea ice such as gravity drainage, flushing of melt-pond water and snow-ice formation were included. A representation of the processes that modify sea-ice bulk salinity are needed to correctly simulate sea-ice biogeochemistry. Here we examine the effect prognostic salinity and these parameterizations have on global simulations of sea-ice. We examine the spatial and temporal distribution of bulk salinity as well as sea-ice area, volume and thickness and determine the sensitivity of these quantities to the various parameter values and assumptions used in the parameterizations.