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Opposite responses of the dry and moist eddy heat transport into the Arctic in the PAMIP experiments December 17, 2020
How does the atmospheric response to Arctic sea-ice decline compare to the full effect of the Arctic Amplification? December 17, 2020
Improving Solution Accuracy and Convergence for Stochastic Physics Parameterizations with Colored Noise December 17, 2020
Tropical forest vulnerability to ENSO induced extremes in a changing climate December 17, 2020
Integrated Terrestrial-Coastal Modeling System: DHSVM-FVCOM-RIFT December 17, 2020
Seasonal Forecasting of Spatial, Coherent Floods in the Northeast United States using Climate Information for Flood Risk Assessment December 17, 2020
Correcting the Double-ITCZ Bias Dials down Future Precipitation over Mediterranean Climate Regions in North Hemisphere December 16, 2020
Changes in flood inundation characteristics in the future: impacts of current water management and flood control capacity on flood mitigation December 16, 2020
A Partial Coupling Approach to Isolate the Roles of the Atmosphere and Ocean in Coupled Climate Interactions December 16, 2020
Where Should We Paint the Roof White? December 16, 2020
Assessing the effects of land surface heterogeneity on planetary boundary layer characteristics in E3SM December 16, 2020
Urban environmental changes and its implications in the coupled human-nature system December 16, 2020
Using PPE simulations and parametric sensitivity analysis to better understand model physics and parameterization in E3SM atmosphere model over different cloud regimes December 16, 2020
Aerosol Indirect Effects on Ice and Mixed-phase Clouds based on Eight NSF Flight Campaigns and Climate Model Simulations December 16, 2020
Sea Ice Climate of the Energy Exascale Earth System Model, Version 2 December 16, 2020
Source Attribution of Arctic Black Carbon and Sulfate Aerosols and Associated Arctic Surface Warming During 1980–2018 December 16, 2020
The Historic Effect of CO2 on Global Photosynthesis December 16, 2020
Midwest US croplands determine model divergence in North American carbon fluxes December 16, 2020
Impacts of including global vegetation demography and dynamic plant competition in the Energy Exascale Earth System Model December 16, 2020
The carbon cost of maintaining ecosystem carbon sinks and its climate and soil dependence December 16, 2020
Influence of the Indian Ocean Dipole on the large-scale circulation in South America December 16, 2020
Impacts of Nitrogen and Phosphorus Co-limitation on Global Carbon Cycling December 16, 2020
Are 100 ensemble members enough to capture the remote atmospheric response to +2°C Arctic sea ice loss ? December 16, 2020
Modeling Future Flooding Extremes to Explore Unidentified Risks in the Arctic December 16, 2020
Quantifying the carbon budget of the U.S. Midwestern agroecosystems through model-data fusion December 16, 2020
Towards a multiscale crop modelling framework for climate change adaptation assessment December 16, 2020
Contrasting changes in the seasonal ITCZs between recent observations and future projection December 16, 2020
The Globally Coherent Pattern of Autumn Monsoon Precipitation December 15, 2020
The CO2 effect on evapotranspiration trends as inferred by eddy covariance observations December 15, 2020
Evaluating the impact of demand-driven spatial droughts on crop yield anomalies December 15, 2020