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Climatology Generation Hands-on November 04, 2015 Presentation
Closing Remarks and Charge/Homework November 11, 2016
Cloud Impacts on Photochemistry: Statistical Analysis of Global Chemistry Models and Measurements from the Atmospheric Tomography Mission December 12, 2018
Cloud resolving climate modeling on upcoming Exascale computers (Invited) December 09, 2019
Clouds and Precipitation Simulated by the US DOE Accelerated Climate Modeling for Energy (ACME) December 15, 2015
CMDV CM4 Presentation November 10, 2016 Presentation
CMDV Land Presentation November 10, 2016 Presentation
CMDV MCS Presentation November 10, 2016 Presentation
CMDV RRM Presentation November 10, 2016 Presentation
CMDV Software Presentations November 10, 2016 Presentation
CMDV Software: Software Engineering Education November 09, 2016 Presentation
CMIP6 Data Archive, ESGF, CMOR June 07, 2017 Presentation
COARSEMAP: synthesis of observations and models for coarse-mode aerosols December 12, 2017
Coaxing Explicit Marine Stratocumulus into an "Ultraparameterized" CESM December 12, 2016
Collaboration between ACME and Relevent ESM Projects November 09, 2016
Comparison between Three Downscaled Land Use and Land Cover Products under Different Shared Socio-Economic Pathways December 10, 2018
Competitive Influences on Droughts: Present and Future December 15, 2015
Computational status and 1-, 5-, and 10-year vision June 08, 2016 Presentation
Consequences of hydraulic trait coordination and their associated uncertainties for tropical forest function December 11, 2017
Considering Coasts: Adapting Terrestrial Models to Characterize Coastal Habitats December 13, 2018
Constraints on elemental composition of fine and coarse aerosols December 11, 2018
Convective Gustiness and Tropical Precipitation Biases June 05, 2017 Presentation
Coupled C, N, and P biogeochemistry in the ALMv1: Development, testing against observations, and implications for C-climate feedbacks June 09, 2016 Poster
Coupled Group November 10, 2016
Coupled Group Recap November 11, 2016 Presentation
Coupled Simulations June 07, 2016 Presentation
Coupling ice shelf cavities into ACME June 09, 2016 Poster
Coupling ice-shelf basal melt rates in the Energy Exascale Earth System (E3SM) Model December 10, 2019
Coupling Implications of the Sensitivity to Turbulent Mountain Stress, Gustiness and Vertical Resolution November 03, 2015 Poster
Coupling the Land Use Decisions and Carbon Cycles of Earth System and Integrated Assessment Models May 14, 2014 Presentation, Presentation