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A Simplified, Data-Constrained Approach to Estimate the Permafrost Carbon-Climate Feedback: The PCN Incubation-Panarctic Thermal (PInc-PanTher) Scaling Approach December 17, 2015
A Stabilizing Feedback Between Cloud Radiative Effects and Greenland Surface Melt: Verification From Multi-year Automatic Weather Station Measurements December 15, 2017
A stochastic transition matrix approach to modeling of the population dynamics of clouds January 07, 2019
A substantial role of soil erosion in the land carbon sink and its future changes December 11, 2019
A Systematic Deficiency of Climate Models that Compromises Regional Climate Projections and Integrated Assessments May 12, 2014
A Testbed to Measure Spurious Mixing in MPAS-Ocean May 14, 2014
A Three-dimensional, Implicit, Thermo-mechanical Computational Model for Polythermal Ice December 13, 2016
A Topology-Based Approach To Characterization and Detection of Weather Patterns in Climate Model Output: Application to Atmospheric Blocking Events January 09, 2019
A tropical cyclone genesis prediction method using machine learning December 11, 2017
A unified snow and sea ice radiative transfer algorithm in Earth System Models December 14, 2018
A user-friendly software package to ease the use of VIC hydrologic model for practitioners December 15, 2016
A-L: Atmoshpere - Land Groups November 11, 2016
A-O: Atmosphere - Ocean/Ice Groups November 11, 2016
A-P: Atmosphere - Performance Groups November 11, 2016
A-S: Atmosphere - SE/CPL Groups November 11, 2016
A-W: Atmosphere - Workflow Groups November 11, 2016
Accuracy and performance tradeoffs for robust porous media discretization with non-orthogonal grids and tensor coefficients December 12, 2018
Accurate Reproduction of a Mesoscale Convective System Structure Using WRF with a New Spectral Bin Microphysics December 12, 2018
Achieving FAIR’s Data Reusability in Integrated Modeling Environments December 10, 2019
ACME All-Hands June 05, 2017 Presentation
ACME All-Hands Meeting Agenda June 07, 2016 Agenda
ACME Atmosphere Group Highlight November 10, 2016 Presentation
ACME BER Overview June 08, 2016 Presentation
ACME Coupled BGC Team: Initial plans June 06, 2017 Presentation
ACME Dashboard November 03, 2015 Poster
ACME Diagnostics November 10, 2016 Presentation
ACME Fall Meeting Agenda November 02, 2015 Agenda
ACME human component June 09, 2016 Presentation
ACME Outlook on New Architectures June 05, 2017 Presentation
ACME Outstanding Contributors Awards November 10, 2016