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Title Presentation Datesort ascending File
Development of a Cloud Resolving Model for Heterogeneous Supercomputers December 12, 2017
Recent changes in flood damage in the United States from observations and ACME model December 12, 2017
Emergence of nutrient limitation in tropical dry forests: hypotheses from simulation models December 11, 2017
Black Carbon and Sulfate Aerosols in the Arctic: Long-term Trends, Radiative Impacts, and Source Attributions December 11, 2017
Consequences of hydraulic trait coordination and their associated uncertainties for tropical forest function December 11, 2017
Reducing the biases in simulated polar climate by incorporating realistic surface spectral emissivity into the global climate model December 11, 2017
The Role of Water Governance and Irrigation Technologies in Regional-Scale Water Use and Consumption in the US West December 11, 2017
Spatial and temporal variations of evapotranspiration, groundwater and precipitation in Amazonia December 11, 2017
Bit-Grooming: Shave Your Bits with Razor-sharp Precision December 11, 2017
Implementation of A Quasi-3d Multiscale Modeling Framework in ACME June 07, 2017 Poster
Sea-Ice Biogeochemistry in ACME June 07, 2017 Poster
Dust Aerosols in ACME and Sensitivity to Model Resolution June 07, 2017 Poster
Development and Testing of ALMv1-ECA-CNP June 07, 2017 Poster
Vertically Resolved Biophysics in ALM for the Soil-Plant-Atmosphere Continuum June 07, 2017 Poster
The New ACME Diagnostics Package June 07, 2017 Presentation
ACME Priority Metrics Package: A-PRIME June 07, 2017 Presentation
New Methods to Combine, Regrid, and Split Climos June 07, 2017 Presentation
CMIP6 Data Archive, ESGF, CMOR June 07, 2017 Presentation
DECK: CMIP6 Output Request June 07, 2017 Presentation
Science Plan for V2 and V3 June 07, 2017 Presentation
Diagnosing Coupled Model June 07, 2017 Presentation
12-Month Roadmap and V2/V3 New Capabilities for ACME-atmos June 07, 2017 Presentation
Hierarchical Scaling of Soil Biogeochemistry in ALM June 06, 2017 Poster
Plant N & P Uptake is De-Coupled from Demand: Implications for the BGC Inter-Comparison June 06, 2017 Poster
Exponential Time Differencing and Parallel Implementation June 06, 2017 Poster
Fully Coupled High-Resolution ACME v0.1 Approximate Present Day Transients June 06, 2017 Poster
Spatiotemporally Dynamic Drivers of Global Land Use and Land Cover Change (LULCC) in the Past Century June 06, 2017 Presentation
Parametric Sensitivity and Tuning in ACME-V1 Atmosphere Model Based on Short Perturbed Parameters Ensemble (PPE) Simulations: Method, Application and Limitations June 06, 2017 Poster
Evaluating CMIP5 and CMIP6 Land Use Forcings for ACME V1 June 06, 2017 Poster
Migrating PFLOTRAN from NGEE-Arctic into ACME through A Generic Biogeochemistry Interface June 06, 2017 Poster