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The Sensitivity of Atmospheric Water Isotopes to Entrainment and Precipitation Efficiency in a Bulk Plume Model of Convection December 14, 2016
The Role of Water Governance and Irrigation Technologies in Regional-Scale Water Use and Consumption in the US West December 11, 2017
The Role of Convective Gustiness in Reducing Seasonal Precipitation Biases in the Tropical West Pacific June 06, 2017 Poster
The Request Hub Process November 03, 2015 Poster
The potential influence of multiple scattering on longwave flux and heating rate simulations with clouds December 13, 2017
The Path to A Well-Tuned High-Resolution ACME V1 Atmosphere Model and Initial Results June 05, 2017
The Ocean Surface Boundary Layer: Its representation and importance in Earth system models November 10, 2016 Presentation
The New ACME Diagnostics Package June 06, 2017 Presentation, Presentation
The New ACME Diagnostics Package June 07, 2017 Presentation
The Myriad Arctic Influence June 06, 2017 Presentation
The MJO Across Future Time Periods and Scenarios in CESM1: When are Changes Detectable? December 11, 2018
The Land Use Model Intercomparison Project (LUMIP) Contribution to CMIP6: Rationale and Experimental Design December 13, 2016
The Impacts of Light Scattering by Clouds on Longwave Radiative Transfer December 14, 2016
The impact of the representation of Antarctic freshwater fluxes on the Southern Ocean in the Energy Exascale Earth System Model (E3SM) December 11, 2018
The Impact of Methane Clathrate Emissions on the Earth System May 13, 2014 Poster
The Future of the North American Carbon Cycle Projections and Associated Climate Change December 13, 2016
The Effects of Surface Longwave Emissivity on Atmospheric Circulation and Convection at Sahara and Sahel Regions December 14, 2016
The DOE E3SM Coupled Model Version 1: Overview and Evaluation at Standard Resolution December 11, 2018
The DOE E3SM coupled model version 1: Ocean Mean State biases and Historical Transient Variability December 13, 2018
The Development of the Non-hydrostatic Unified Model of the Ocean (NUMO), Validation and a Roadmap to High-Resolution December 13, 2016
The ACME Spectral Finite Element Non-Hydrostatic Dynamical Core June 05, 2017 Presentation
The ACME "Classic Viewer" June 09, 2016 Poster
Temporal Arctic longwave surface emissivity feedbacks in the Community Earth System Model December 15, 2017
Temporal and spatial relationships between hydrologic and carbon budgets in an Amazonian watershed: Application of a coupled Subsurface - Land Surface Process Model December 17, 2015
Tempest: Tools for Addressing the Needs of Next-Generation Climate Models December 15, 2015 Poster
Temperature, Precipitation, and Circulation in GFDL Aqua-Planet Model December 18, 2015
Tele-connections of precipitation extremes: ACME v0 ne30 and ne120 FAMIP simulations June 09, 2016 Poster
Surface wind stress biases in the Southern Ocean June 09, 2016 Poster
Super Lightning Poster Presentations June 07, 2016 Poster
Sufficient Resolution for Global Climate Models for Representing Changes in Extreme Weather Statistics May 14, 2014