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Title Presentation Datesort ascending File
Land Model Testbed: Accelerating Development, Benchmarking and Analysis of Land Surface Models December 14, 2020
Revisiting AMOC Transport Estimates from Models and Observations December 14, 2020
Investigating Changes in Tropical Cyclone Rainfall in Aquaplanet Simulations Under Idealized Warming December 14, 2020
Projected Effects of Climate Change on Simultaneous North American Megafires Based on NA-CORDEX Regional Climate Simulations December 14, 2020
Event attribution frameworks for quantifying climate change impacts on hurricane rainfall December 14, 2020
Identifiable signatures of greenhouse gases and particulate atmospheric pollution on the changing hydroclimate December 14, 2020
Understanding Roles of Cloud and Precipitation in the Recent Arctic Warming through Radiative Feedbacks December 14, 2020
Evaluation of river routing on a hexagonal grid for coupled earth system modeling December 14, 2020
Subglacial channelization and spatially variable bed properties are critical to the modeling of Thwaites Glacier ice dynamics December 14, 2020
Investigating the impacts of channelized subglacial hydrology on melt rates at the margin of Humboldt Glacier in northern Greenland December 14, 2020
Simulated and Observed Spatiotemporal Variations of Warming Caused Earlier Snow Melting in Northern High-Latitude Regions December 14, 2020
Ice-Dominated Deltas December 14, 2020
Understanding Ocean Feedbacks to the MJO through the Lens of Convection-Moisture Coupling December 14, 2020
The Role of Oceanic and Atmospheric Feedbacks in the Response of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation to a CO2 Increase December 14, 2020
Natural variability can explain model-satellite differences in tropical tropospheric warming December 11, 2020
Linking hails and tornadoes to mesoscale convective systems: a long-term statistical study December 11, 2020
Global Mesoscale Convective System Latent Heating Characteristics from GPM and IMERG Retrievals December 11, 2020
Ensemble hindcasts using the E3SM Atmosphere Model and the Data Assimilation Research Testbed December 11, 2020
Unique temporal patterns of future agricultural impacts – Changes in average yield and the volatility of regional production against global warming levels December 11, 2020
Properties of Change: Politics and Land Ownership in Northern Alaskan Social-Environmental Systems December 11, 2020
Uncertainties in Driving Agricultural Models with Downscaled and Bias-Corrected Climate Information December 11, 2020
Uncertainty in Energy-Water Climate Impacts: Review and Recommendations December 11, 2020
Identifying hotspots of multi-sector vulnerability: A risk triage framework December 11, 2020
A Consistent Framework for Probabilistic Uncertainty Quantification in Coupled Human-Earth System Models December 11, 2020
Understanding how water scarcity vulnerabilities vary across multi-sectoral users within institutionally complex river basins December 11, 2020
Land Use Change in the Continental United States under a Multisystem Dynamics Approach: Are There Tipping Points? December 11, 2020
A New Typology for Representing Human Decision Making in MultiSector Dynamics (MSD) Models December 11, 2020
The contrast in MCS environments between spring and summer over the U.S. Great Plains December 11, 2020
Development of a Global High-resolution Mesoscale Convective System Tracking Database using GPM IMERG V06 December 11, 2020
Mid-Century Temperature Shifts' Heterogeneous Impacts on the Demand for Electricity: Evidence from World Cities December 11, 2020