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Flood Loss Risk and Its Drivers: Evidence from Massachusetts Residential Properties December 11, 2020
Exploring sea-level rise uncertainties using CMIP5/CMIP6 ensembles combined with a reduced complexity climate model (Hector-BRICK) December 11, 2020
A climatology and extreme value analysis of large hail in China December 11, 2020
Observational constraints on decadal low cloud feedbacks associated with varying sea surface temperature patterns December 11, 2020
Implications of Variable Decision-making and Social Networks for Regional LULCC Modeling December 11, 2020
Representing adaptive irrigation response to changing water availability and crop prices in a coupled human-water system model of the Continental United States. December 11, 2020
The impact of the Moisture-Entrainment-Convection feedback on Spontaneous TC genesis December 11, 2020
Evaluating Climate Change Adaptation Strategies for Electricity and Water Systems in the Western US with a Cross-Sectoral Energy-Water Nexus Modeling Approach December 10, 2020
Advances and gaps on propagating the impact of climate change on future water availability through the energy planning process: a Western US Case Study December 10, 2020
The Ongoing Need for High-Resolution Regional Climate Models: Process Understanding and Stakeholder Information December 10, 2020
Land-Sea Breezes and the Diurnal Cycle in Rainfall in the MC December 10, 2020
The Ongoing Need for High-Resolution Regional Climate Models: Process Understanding and Stakeholder Information December 10, 2020
Beyond Statistics: Providing Science-Based Guidance to Support Resilient Investment in an Uncertain Future II Posters December 10, 2020
Short-term water-carbon interactions regulate interannual variability in ecosystem responses to changing climates December 10, 2020
Projections of 21st century sea-level rise from Humboldt Glacier, north Greenland December 10, 2020
Performance-Portability Results for the Non-Hydrostatic Atmosphere Dycore of E3SM at Cloud-Resolving Resolutions. December 10, 2020
Time-step sensitivity, process coupling, and subtropical marine stratocumulus in EAMv1 December 10, 2020
Estimating Future Virtual Water Trading within the U.S. Electricity Grid December 10, 2020
Evaluation of E3SMv1 Simulated Surface Winds Over the Southern Ocean and the Antarctica December 10, 2020
Evaluating the water cycle over CONUS using multiple metrics for the Energy Exascale Earth System Model (E3SM) Across Resolution December 10, 2020
An evaluation of the subtropical eastern North Pacific SST bias in the E3SM v1 December 10, 2020
The CAM-MPAS model simulations for the HighResMIP experiments December 10, 2020
Key Mechanisms that Weaken the Sierra Nevada and Cascade Rain Shadows under Global Warming December 10, 2020
A Bayesian approach to determining the feasibility of electricity capacity expansion plans December 10, 2020
Extreme Event Exposure Uncertainty in NA-CORDEX Projections December 10, 2020
Urban Scaling as Validation for Predictions of Imperviousness from Population December 10, 2020
MultiSector Influences on Urban Water Supply Across the United States December 10, 2020
Examination of Miracle Spring Precipitation under the warmer climate in Colorado River Basin December 10, 2020
Making Sustained Progress to Addressing the 'Practitioners Dilemma' December 10, 2020
Evaluating Five-Day Precipitation Events for the Contiguous U.S. in Contemporary and Scenario Climates using Object-Oriented Analysis December 10, 2020