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Understanding Ocean Feedbacks to the MJO through the Lens of Convection-Moisture Coupling December 14, 2020
Understanding Monsoon Variability in a Changing Climate May 13, 2014
Understanding Monsoon Onset using a Normalized Gross Moist Stability Framework in an Idealized Model December 16, 2016
Understanding Monsoon Changes Using a Normalized Gross Moist Stability Framework December 11, 2018
Understanding Intermodel Variability in the Response of Global-Mean Precipitation to CO2 Forcing May 13, 2014 Poster
Understanding how water scarcity vulnerabilities vary across multi-sectoral users within institutionally complex river basins December 11, 2020
Understanding critical cross-sectoral interactions under evolving natural and human system environments December 12, 2018
Understanding CMIP5 Systematic Model Biases in Surface Temperature, Cloud, Precipitation and Radiation through the Hindcast Approach May 14, 2014 Presentation
Understanding Climate Model Biases in Tropical Atlantic May 14, 2014 Presentation
Understanding and Reducing the Double ITCZ Bias in Coupled Ocean-Atmosphere Models December 15, 2015
Uncertainty Quantification of Regional Climate Change Based on Structural Uncertainty in Atmospheric GCMs May 13, 2014 Poster
Uncertainty Quantification of Extratropical Forest Biomass in CMIP5 Models over the Northern Hemisphere December 14, 2016
Uncertainty Quantification in the Community Land Model May 14, 2014
Uncertainty Quantification for the Duke Forest Ecosystem Modeling with the Ecosys Model December 10, 2019
Uncertainty Propagation for Integrated Assessment: A Review May 12, 2014
Uncertainty in extreme precipitation representation in numerical simulations and hydrological datasets. December 12, 2016
Uncertainty in Energy-Water Climate Impacts: Review and Recommendations December 11, 2020
Uncertainty in Earth System Models: Benchmarks for Ocean Model Performance and Validation December 12, 2017
Uncertainty in Current and Projected Atmospheric Rivers: A Call for Process-Oriented Constraints on AR Detection December 15, 2020
Uncertainties in Future Regional Sea Level Trends: How to Deal with the Internal Climate Variability? December 12, 2017
Uncertainties in Driving Agricultural Models with Downscaled and Bias-Corrected Climate Information December 11, 2020
Uncertainties in Atmospheric River Life Cycles by Detection Algorithms: Climatology and Variability December 15, 2020
Ultra-Parameterized CAM: Progress Towards Low-Cloud Permitting Superparameterization December 15, 2016
Typologies of Actionable Climate Information and its Use December 14, 2020
Tutorial on Git May 05, 2015 Presentation
Tuning the NE30_L72 ACME v1 Atmosphere Model June 09, 2016 Poster
Tropics-Relevant ALMv1 and v2 Capabilities June 05, 2017 Presentation
Tropical Warming and Hurricane Trends Sensitive to Subtle Differences in Observational Sea Surface Temperature Data May 13, 2014
Tropical Precipitation-Carbon Cycle Links in CMIP5 Earth System Models December 15, 2015
Tropical forest vulnerability to ENSO induced extremes in a changing climate December 17, 2020