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Sea Surface Salinity Provides Subseasonal Predictability for Forecasts of Opportunity of U.S. Summertime Precipitation RGMA -
Constraining CMIP runoff projections over global river basins RGMA -
SYMFONI: the “system-of-systems” solution to quantify soil carbon and GHG outcomes for the broad U.S. croplands - solidifying the foundation for the U.S. climate-smart agriculture commodity market RGMA -
Quantifying field-level carbon intensity based on cradle to farm-gate life cycle assessment: uncertainty assessment under different management practices for the U.S. Midwestern farmland RGMA -
The impact of ENSO on tropical cyclone seeds RGMA -
The effects of African easterly wave suppression by wave track on Atlantic tropical cyclones RGMA -
Better representation of cloud and subgrid processes leads to a significant improvement in climate model fidelity ESMD RGMA -
Different nitrogen fertilizer management practices on crop productivity and environmental outcomes across the U.S. Midwest RGMA -
Reconciling Roles of Internal Variability and Anthropogenic forcing in Driving Observed Arctic Atmospheric River Trends over 1981-2021 RGMA -
Metrics for Evaluating Atmospheric Rivers in Climate Models RGMA -
The Role of the Western North Pacific (WNP) as an El Niño–Southern Oscillation (ENSO) Precursor RGMA -
Tug of war on low-level winds and precipitation between elevated terrain and surface roughness over North and South America RGMA -
Unraveling the impacts of tile drainage on hydrology, biogeochemistry, and crop productivity in the U.S. Midwest: A Pathway to Climate Resilience RGMA -
An ecosystem of models to model an ecosystem RGMA -
Constraining Future Projections of Atmospheric Rivers using Poleward Latent Heat Transport RGMA -
Temporal Clustering of the U.S. West Coast Atmospheric Rivers: Characteristics and Large-scale Patterns RGMA -
Changes in four decades of near-CONUS tropical cyclones in an ensemble of 12km thermodynamic global warming simulations RGMA MSD -
QBO’s Modulation of the Global Atmospheric River Activities RGMA -
How fast will the midlatitude land’s hottest days warm as climate changes? RGMA -
State-of-the-Arctic: Confronting State-of-the-Art Carbon Cycle Models with Pan-Arctic Warming Responses RGMA -
Midwinter Dry Spells Amplify Post-Fire Snowpack Decline RGMA MSD -
Reduced black carbon contamination mitigates future snowpack loss over the Northern Hemisphere ESMD RGMA -
Identifying and Comparing Dynamics Driving Different Types of Arctic Cyclones RGMA -
Blowing-Snow Enhanced Surface-Air Interactions in Extreme Weather Events from the Arctic to Midlatitudes RGMA -
Reducing uncertainty of wetland-greenhouse gas emissions in earth system models by including eco-hydrological patch types sub-grid representation coupled with Landsat Sentinel-2 derived patch distributions RGMA -
Sourcing and constraining uncertainties in climate change projections for the Colorado River Basin RGMA -
Preconditioning of Arctic summer sea ice via increasing poleward moisture transport and rainfall sourced from North America RGMA -
A differentiable, physics-informed ecosystem modeling: investigating the photosynthetic capacity parameterization RGMA -
Representing Microbial Dynamics and Organo-Mineral Interactions in the E3SM Land Model (ELM-ReSOM): Application to a Whole-Soil Warming Site RGMA -
Assessing Radiative Feedbacks and their Contribution to the Arctic Amplification Measured by Various Metrics RGMA -

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