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Non-bit-for-bit solution reproducibility: A new test based on time step convergence June 07, 2016 Presentation
Super Lightning Poster Presentations June 07, 2016 Poster
Coupled Simulations June 07, 2016 Presentation
SE/CPL Group June 07, 2016 Presentation
Performance Group June 07, 2016 Presentation
Workflow Group June 07, 2016 Presentation
Ocean/Ice Group June 07, 2016 Presentation
Land Group June 07, 2016 Presentation
Atmosphere Group June 07, 2016 Presentation
ACME All-Hands Meeting Agenda June 07, 2016 Agenda
Plenary Introduction - Intro of New Collaborators and University Partners June 07, 2016 Presentation
Present-Day Evaluation and Climate Change Response of Daily Rainfall Distributions in Three Versions of the Conventional vs. Super-Parameterized Community Atmosphere Model December 18, 2015
Quantification of the Errors Associated with the Representation of Surface Emissivity in Atmospheric Models December 18, 2015 Poster
Validation of Modelled Ice Dynamics of the Greenland Ice Sheet using Historical Forcing December 18, 2015 Poster
Sparse Polynomial Chaos Surrogate for ACME Land Model via Iterative Bayesian Compressive Sensing December 18, 2015 Oral
An Observationally Based Global Band-by-Band Surface Emissivity Dataset for Climate and Weather Modeling Effort December 18, 2015
Resuspension of Aerosol Particles from Evaporated Rain Drops to the Coarse Mode December 18, 2015
Simulating Marine Ice Sheets with the Community Ice Sheet Model December 18, 2015 Poster
Reproducing Cloud and Boundary Layer Structure Observed in MAGIC Campaign using Ship-Following Large-Eddy Simulations December 18, 2015 Poster
Effects of Scale Coupling Frequency on Convective Organization in the Superparameterized Community Atmospehre Model December 18, 2015 Poster
Temperature, Precipitation, and Circulation in GFDL Aqua-Planet Model December 18, 2015
Building confidence in the Community Ice Sheet Model (CISM) with LIVVkit, the land-ice validation and verification toolkit December 18, 2015 Poster
Effects of Isolated Drainage on the Seasonal Evolution of the Greenland Subglacial Hydrologic System December 17, 2015
How Much Does Sea Spray Aerosol Organic Matter Impact Clouds and Radiation? Sensitivity Studies in the Community Atmosphere Model December 17, 2015
The Simulated Impact of Dimethyl Sulfide Emissions on the Earth System December 17, 2015
Temporal and spatial relationships between hydrologic and carbon budgets in an Amazonian watershed: Application of a coupled Subsurface - Land Surface Process Model December 17, 2015
Can Large Scale Sea Ice Cover Changes Affect Precipitation Patterns over California? December 17, 2015
Regrid Curvilinear, Rectangular, and Unstructured Data (CRUD) with ncremap, a new netCDF Operator December 16, 2015 Poster
Resilience of an Explicitly Simulated Madden-Julian Oscillation to Extreme Basic State Variation Challenges Moisture Mode View December 16, 2015
Effects of Explicit Convection on Global Land-atmosphere Coupling in the Superparameterized CAM December 16, 2015 Poster