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Size affects the processing of polymer and monomer soil organic matter: An explanation of coupled temperature and moisture sensitivity of decomposition kinetics December 10, 2019
Evaluating the surface mass balance from E3SM with LIVVkit 3.0 December 10, 2019
A Round Earth for Climate Models: Solar Heating Rates Errors Caused by Lack of Sphericity, Refraction, and a Spherical Hydrostatic Atmosphere December 10, 2019
Using Dynamic Vegetation Modeling to Explore Boreal Forest Canopy-cover Shifts Under Water Stress and Changing Climate December 10, 2019
Evaluation of dust emission and transport simulated by global climate models with satellite observations from CALIOP, MODIS, and MISR December 11, 2019
A substantial role of soil erosion in the land carbon sink and its future changes December 11, 2019
Reconciling differences between large-eddy simulations and Doppler-lidar observations of continental shallow cumulus cloud-base vertical velocity December 12, 2019
Quantifying the Amazon Water Cycle Using Atmosphere, Land and Ocean Data December 12, 2019
Global Stream Temperature Simulation and Affected Ecosystem Factors Analysis with an Earth System Modeling Approach December 13, 2019
A New Convective Trigger for Better Capturing the Diurnal Cycle of Precipitation in Weather and Climate Models: Observational Evidence and Modeling Results December 13, 2019
Characterizing interactions between human and Earth systems (Invited) December 13, 2019
The DOE E3SM Coupled Model v1.1 Biogeochemistry Configuration and Coupled Carbon-Climate Experiments December 13, 2019