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1993–2015 Climatology and changes of extreme precipitation events in Taiwan based on weather types December 12, 2019
A Framework to Delineate Precipitation-Runoff Regimes: Precipitation vs. Snowpack in the Western U.S. December 11, 2019
A Multimodel Technique for Estimating Future Changes in Extreme Precipitation December 13, 2019
A Risk Analysis Framework for Tropical Cyclones (RAFT) January 15, 2021
An Exploration of Extreme Precipitation from Tropical Cyclones over the Eastern United States in Variable-Resolution CAM December 12, 2019
Analysis of Extreme Precipitation Patterns Associated with Tropical Cyclones in the Eastern United States December 12, 2019
Antecedent Hydrometeorological Controls on Wildfire Occurrence in the Western U.S. December 08, 2020
Climate Modeling and Analysis with Decision Makers in Mind December 15, 2016
Collaboration to better understand Arctic change December 09, 2020
Considering Coasts: Adapting Terrestrial Models to Characterize Coastal Habitats December 13, 2018
Correcting the Double-ITCZ Bias Dials down Future Precipitation over Mediterranean Climate Regions in North Hemisphere December 16, 2020
Effects of Observational Dataset Choice on Multivariate Bias Correction December 13, 2019
Emulating Numeric Hydroclimate Models with Physics-Informed cGANs December 11, 2019
Evaluating Five-Day Precipitation Events for the Contiguous U.S. in Contemporary and Scenario Climates using Object-Oriented Analysis December 10, 2020
Evaluating Multi-Year Drought Events for the Contiguous U.S. in Contemporary and Scenario Climates using Object-Oriented Analysis December 07, 2020
Event attribution frameworks for quantifying climate change impacts on hurricane rainfall December 14, 2020
Extreme floods in Peru during early 2017 December 13, 2019
Flood and heatwave in Japan 2018 and future increase of consecutive compound risk in a warmer world December 13, 2019
Global Energy Consumption for Direct Water Use December 16, 2015 Poster
Implications of cool roofs for future exposure to heat extremes in California December 13, 2018
Influences of Vegetation Phenological Shifts on Water and Energy Cycle December 15, 2015
Insights on Emulation Performance from Large Ensemble Experiments December 10, 2019
Integrated Coastal Modeling of Human and Earth System Processes in the Mid-Atlantic Region (Invited) December 09, 2019
Integrated Terrestrial-Coastal Modeling System: DHSVM-FVCOM-RIFT December 17, 2020
Investigating the Effects of CO2 Concentration and Human Intervention on the Water Cycle Using Integrated Earth System Model (iESM) December 12, 2018
Investigating the utility of an idealized model in understanding the response of atmospheric rivers to climate change December 10, 2019
Land use and land cover changes strongly modulate warm-season precipitation over the Central United States December 10, 2019
Land Use Change in the Continental United States under a Multisystem Dynamics Approach: Are There Tipping Points? December 11, 2020
Predicting daily streamflow with a dilated convolutional neural network. December 11, 2019
Quantifying tropical cyclone rainfall from weather to climate scales in numerical simulations and observations (Invited) December 09, 2019