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Sensitivity of Regional Climate Models to GCM Equilibrium Climate Sensitivity January 07, 2019
Sudden Recent Antarctic Sea Ice Retreat, Connections to the Tropics, and Upper Ocean Regime Change Around Antarctica January 07, 2019
A stochastic transition matrix approach to modeling of the population dynamics of clouds January 07, 2019
Exascale Deep Learning for Climate Science January 07, 2019
Arctic Amplification Is Caused By Sea-Ice Loss Under Increasing CO2 January 07, 2019
Historical depiction and future projection of weakly forced yet high-impact convective storms in central U.S. January 07, 2019
Representation of the Madden-Julian oscillation in Model E2.1 : role of the mean state and air-sea interaction January 07, 2019
Dynamics of and precursors to California megafloods, present and future January 07, 2019
Attributing extreme déjà vu events: Hurricane Harvey and Louisiana flood January 07, 2019
Probabilistic Detection of Extreme Weather Using Deep Learning Methods January 07, 2019
Large Scale Influences on Atmospheric River Induced Extreme Precipitation Events Impacting the Coast of the State of Washington January 07, 2019
Reconciling top-down and bottom-up estimates of the terrestrial carbon sink January 08, 2019
Quantifying Weather and Climate Simulation Reproducibility in the Cloud January 08, 2019
Land-atmosphere coupling in an ensemble of regional climate simulations January 08, 2019
Contributions of Internal Variability and External Forcing to the Recent Pacific Decadal Variations January 08, 2019
Tropical Decadal Variability and the Rate of Arctic Sea Ice Retreat January 08, 2019
Shape of Atlantic tropical cyclone tracks and the Indian monsoon January 08, 2019
Sensitivity of Wind Turbine Array Downstream Effects to the Parameterization used in WRF January 08, 2019
Model-data fusion for constraining the carbon cycle response to interannual climate variations January 08, 2019
North America's winter circulation has changed, but for how long? January 09, 2019
Future Snowmageddons? Projecting changes in extreme northeastern U.S. snowstorms with a large climate ensemble January 09, 2019
Deep Learning recognizes climate and weather patterns and emulates complex processes critical to the modeling of Earth's climate January 09, 2019
A Topology-Based Approach To Characterization and Detection of Weather Patterns in Climate Model Output: Application to Atmospheric Blocking Events January 09, 2019
Robustness of Projected Trends in Warm Season Precipitation Extremes over the Central United States January 09, 2019
Probabilistic AR Detection for Understanding Western Coastal Hydroclimate January 09, 2019
Dynamics of ENSO Diversity January 10, 2019
ENSO Asymmetry and Subsurface Nonlinear Dynamical Heating in Reanalysis and CMIP5 Climate Models January 10, 2019
Remote Drying in the North Atlantic as a Common Response to Precessional Changes and CO2 Increase Over Land January 10, 2019