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Extreme floods in Peru during early 2017 December 13, 2019
Using optimization to better understand leaf-to-whole plant acclimation December 13, 2019
Examining optimal photosynthetic profiles within vegetation canopies December 13, 2019
Could the Large-Scale Circulation Affect Extreme Rainfall? Comparison of Models with Parameterized Convection, Superparameterization and Cloud-Resolved Self-Aggregation December 13, 2019
Flood and heatwave in Japan 2018 and future increase of consecutive compound risk in a warmer world December 13, 2019
Understanding Sources of Model Uncertainty Through Diagnostic Characteristics of the Great Plains Low-Level Jet December 13, 2019
Quantifying global and high-latitude local radiative feedbacks based on climate model simulations with fixed external forcing December 13, 2019
A new metrics package for ENSO evaluation in CMIP models December 13, 2019
Attribution of Diurnal Temperature Range Trends to Radiative and Physiological Effects of Rising Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide December 13, 2019
Discretizing diversity: What do two decades of plant functional ecology tell us about parameterizing plants in vegetation models? December 13, 2019
Stronger influence of growth rate than severity of drought stress on mortality of large ponderosa pines during the 2012-2015 California drought event December 13, 2019
Full implementation of matrix approach to biogeochemistry module of Community Land Model version 5 (CLM5) December 13, 2019
Assessing the global carbon cycle in CMIP5 and CMIP6 using ILAMB benchmarking December 13, 2019
Evaluating key uncertainties in ocean carbon cycle processes within CMIP6 models using the International Ocean Model Benchmarking package (IOMB) December 13, 2019
Constraints on Global Photosynthetic Capacity (Vcmax) Within Canopies December 13, 2019
A New Convective Trigger for Better Capturing the Diurnal Cycle of Precipitation in Weather and Climate Models: Observational Evidence and Modeling Results December 13, 2019
Effects of Observational Dataset Choice on Multivariate Bias Correction December 13, 2019
A Multimodel Technique for Estimating Future Changes in Extreme Precipitation December 13, 2019
The transient response of atmospheric and oceanic heat transports to anthropogenic warming December 13, 2019
Leveraging Observations for Earth System Process Research, Modeling and Predictions (Invited) December 12, 2019
Extreme Wet Bulb Temperatures in China: the Significant Role of Moisture December 12, 2019
Mean State Modulation of MJO Propagation: Role of Background Meridional Moisture Gradient December 12, 2019
Assessing Changes in Tropical Cyclone Genesis under Varying Climate Scenarios December 12, 2019
Cross-model Variability and Change in the Frequencies of Meteorological Patterns Associated with Atmospheric Rivers in the Northeast Pacific December 12, 2019
1993–2015 Climatology and changes of extreme precipitation events in Taiwan based on weather types December 12, 2019
An Exploration of Extreme Precipitation from Tropical Cyclones over the Eastern United States in Variable-Resolution CAM December 12, 2019
Analysis of Extreme Precipitation Patterns Associated with Tropical Cyclones in the Eastern United States December 12, 2019
The Varied Role of Indo Pacific Surface Characteristics on MJO fidelity in CESM December 12, 2019
Historical Relationships Between Climate Forcings and Observed Extreme Precipitation December 12, 2019
Can GCMs produce credible projections of changes in extreme precipitation? (Invited) December 12, 2019