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Greater tropical ascent area reduction linked to higher equilibrium climate sensitivity in CMIP6 December 09, 2020
Cloud feedbacks cause higher climate sensitivity in CMIP6. What do observations say? December 08, 2020
Benchmarking Simulated Precipitation in Earth System Models December 08, 2020
Global evaluation of ELM v1 and the role of the phosphorus cycle and non-structural carbon in the historical terrestrial carbon balance December 08, 2020
How does optimal photosynthetic acclimation affect future carbon and nutrient cycling? December 08, 2020
Do carbon cycle models of the terrestrial biosphere need a Revelle factor when simulating carbon storage rates from increasing levels of gross primary production? December 08, 2020
Using CESM-RESFire to Understand Climate-Fire-Ecosystem Interactions and the Implications for Decadal Climate Variability December 08, 2020
Evaluating hydrologic sensitivity in CMIP6: internal variability versus anthropogenic forcing December 08, 2020
Quantifying the drivers and predictability of seasonal changes in African fire December 08, 2020
Antecedent Hydrometeorological Controls on Wildfire Occurrence in the Western U.S. December 08, 2020
Are newer climate models better in simulating extratropical modes of variability than older ones?: A comparison between CMIP3, 5, and 6 models December 08, 2020
Representation of Diurnal Cycle of Precipitation in CMIP6 Models December 08, 2020
Building a Climatology of Extratropical Cyclones and Fronts and Their Associated Precipitation December 08, 2020
Country-level carbon sequestration potential by the middle of the 21 century December 08, 2020
Have Land Surface and Carbon Cycle Processes in Earth System Models Improved Over Time? December 08, 2020
Detection and Attribution of Climate-Driven Extremes in Net Biome Productivity from 1850 through 2100 December 08, 2020
The Community Land Model (CLM5) Parameter Perturbation Ensemble Project: Towards Comprehensive Understanding of Parametric Uncertainty on the Global Terrestrial Carbon Cycle December 08, 2020
Dissolved Organic Carbon in Arctic Rivers: Reduced Model with Functional Groups December 08, 2020
Characterizing the Distribution of Lakes on Arctic Deltas December 08, 2020
Quantitative Precipitation Estimation of Extremes over the Continental United States with Radar Data December 08, 2020
Using the Soil and Water Assessment Tool to Evaluate the Performance of Dynamically Downscaled Regional Climate Models December 07, 2020
Disentangling contributions of climate change and land use to global flood change December 07, 2020
Deforestation Strengthens Dust Transport from North Africa to the Amazon December 07, 2020
More Bang for your Buck: Where technical investments in Earth System Models have the greatest promise for payoff December 07, 2020
A Quest to Understand and Model Regional Precipitation and Their Future Changes December 07, 2020
Spatiotemporal Characteristics and Propagation of Summer Extreme Precipitation Events over USA: A Complex Network Analysis December 07, 2020
Future Changes in Precipitation Seasonal Cycle in Multi-model Ensembles December 07, 2020
Which Physical Processes are the Main Causes of Extreme Precipitation over the CONUS? December 07, 2020
Developing a Gridded Upscaled Soil Moisture Dataset Using Sparse in situ Observations December 07, 2020
Evaluating Multi-Year Drought Events for the Contiguous U.S. in Contemporary and Scenario Climates using Object-Oriented Analysis December 07, 2020