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Coexistence of Trees and Grass: Importance of climate and fire within the tropics December 14, 2017
Collaboration in Arctic Research: Best Practices to Build and Sustain Successful Cross- and Trans-disciplinary Efforts December 16, 2015
Committed warming inferred from observations and an energy balance model December 15, 2017
Comparing Different Model Structures for Carbon Allocation in the Community Land Model (CLM) December 14, 2015
Comparing Dynamically Downscaled Regional Climate Models Using a Low-Level Jet Metric December 11, 2018
Comparing Global Soil Models to Soil Carbon Profile Databases December 17, 2015
Comparison Between Climate Projections with Parameterized and Super-Parameterized Convection May 12, 2014 Presentation, Presentation
Comparison of primary organic sea spray emissions in global atmospheric models December 15, 2017
Comparison of Univariate and Multivariate Bias-Correction of Daily NA-CORDEX Data December 11, 2018
Comparisons of different AMO indexes and their global impacts December 14, 2018
Competitive Influences on Droughts: Present and Future December 15, 2015
Considering Coasts: Adapting Terrestrial Models to Characterize Coastal Habitats December 13, 2018
Constraining Processes Involved with Aerosol Effects on Cloud Radiative Forcing December 17, 2015 Oral, Invited
Constraints on Equilibrium Climate Sensitivity using a Reduced-Order Climate Model December 17, 2015
Continental Asymmetry in Climate-Induced Tropical Drought: Driving Mechanisms and Ecosystem Response December 18, 2015
Continental Shallow Convection Cloud-Base Mass Flux from Doppler Lidar and LASSO Ensemble Large-Eddy Simulations December 12, 2017
Contrasting self-aggregation over land and ocean surfaces December 15, 2017
Contribution of Tropical Forests to the Changes of Global Land Carbon Sink December 14, 2018
Contributions from Synoptic and Convective Motions to Changes in Tropical Precipitation Extremes December 12, 2016
Contributions of internal climate variability to mitigation of projected future regional sea level rise December 13, 2017
Contributions of Internal Variability and External Forcing to the Recent Pacific Decadal Variations January 08, 2019
Countervailing patterns in CESM-simulated regional Antarctic snowfall variability: spatial distribution and associated atmospheric circulation modes December 14, 2017
Coupled Land-Atmosphere Dynamics Govern Long Duration Floods: A Pilot Study in Missouri River Basin Using a Bayesian Hierarchical Model December 14, 2017
Data assimilation strategy for E3SM land model carbon-nitrogen-phosphorus cycles December 13, 2018
Data informatics for the Detection, Characterization, and Attribution of Climate Extremes December 18, 2015
Deciphering flood frequency curves from a coupled human-nature system perspective December 15, 2017
Decision-relevant metrics for regional hydroclimate phenomena December 10, 2018
Deep Learning @15 Petaflops/second: Semi-supervised pattern detection for 15 Terabytes of climate data (Invited) December 14, 2017
Deep Learning for Climate Pattern Detection December 18, 2015
Deep Learning for Extreme Weather Detection (Invited) December 11, 2017