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Investigating the Effects of CO2 Concentration and Human Intervention on the Water Cycle Using Integrated Earth System Model (iESM) December 12, 2018
Influences of Pacific Ocean domain extent on the western US hydroclimatology in variable-resolution CESM December 11, 2018
Improving representation of deforestation effects on evapotranspiration in the global E3SM land model December 10, 2018
Implications of cool roofs for future exposure to heat extremes in California December 13, 2018
Impacts on Maize and Wheat Crops of Alternative Warming Scenarios December 11, 2018
Impacts of domestic and foreign emissions on decadal variations of aerosols and radiative forcing in China and US December 11, 2018
Impact of land surface properties on the surface air temperature simulations over the central United States December 10, 2018
Impact of Changes in Anthropogenic Forcing on the Terrestrial Carbon Budget through the Year 2300 December 13, 2018
Impact of Atmospheric Rivers on the Seasonal Surface Water Balance and Water Resources of Western U.S. Watersheds December 10, 2018
How strong is the relationship between the large-scale environment and tropical cyclone climatology in climate models? December 14, 2018
How credible are model projections of changes to precipitation extremes? December 12, 2018
Global river responses to rising CO2: separating the effects of physiological and radiative changes on streamflow and flooding December 13, 2018
Global carbon-14 observations constrain rates of soil organic matter decomposition in the Energy Exascale Earth System Model December 12, 2018
Forced changes in temperature and precipitation and their influences on global changes in vegetation distributions or aridity December 11, 2018
Extreme Sub-daily Winter Precipitation vs. Model Resolution in the Upper Mississippi River Valley December 11, 2018
Extreme Events in High Resolution and Convection Permitting Simulations December 11, 2018
Examining the role of atmosphere-ocean interactions and ocean circulation changes in the Arctic sea ice response to CO2 forcing December 11, 2018
Evaluating Uncertainties in Marine Biogeochemical Models: Benchmarking Aerosol Precursors December 14, 2018
Errors and Uncertainty in Absorbed Solar Radiation and the Hydrological Cycle December 13, 2018
Empty nesting: Where do you need high resolution to accurately simulate Atlantic hurricane impacts in climate models? December 12, 2018
Empirical Characterization of Fire Regimes Across the Globe December 14, 2018
Elucidating Observed Land Surface Feedbacks across Sub-Saharan Africa December 10, 2018
Effects of Shallow Convective Mixing on Convective Organization and Heavy Precipitation Statistics December 10, 2018
Effects of Ice and Permafrost on Delta Channel Dynamics and Morphology December 12, 2018
Ecosystem memory alters the carbon cycle response to interannual climate variations December 14, 2018
EarthInsights: Parallel Clustering of Large Earth Science Datasets on the Summit Supercomputer December 12, 2018
Early season mapping of Corn and Soybeans in the US Midwest December 14, 2018
Do the modern AMOC and PMOC form a natural climate seesaw? December 13, 2018
Detecting climate change impacts on North Atlantic hurricane precipitation and size in a high-resolution climate model December 10, 2018
Deep Learning recognizes weather and climate patterns December 10, 2018