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Title Presentation Datesort descending File
Quantifying the Agreement Between Observed and Simulated Extratropical Modes of Interannual Variability December 12, 2018
Our Changing Climate: National Climate Assessment NCA4 Vol. 2, Chapter 2 December 12, 2018
The life cycle of a pocket of open cells and its response to biomass burning aerosol December 12, 2018
Investigating the Effects of CO2 Concentration and Human Intervention on the Water Cycle Using Integrated Earth System Model (iESM) December 12, 2018
Potential Decomposability of Permafrost Carbon Stocks in Ice-Wedge Polygons of the Alaskan Arctic Coastal Plain December 12, 2018
Spatial Heterogeneity and Environmental Controllers of Organic Carbon Stocks of Permafrost Affected Soils December 12, 2018
Assessing Impacts of Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering on Terrestrial Biogeochemical Feedbacks December 12, 2018
The Sensitivity of Regional Climate Models to Equilibrium Climate Sensitivity December 12, 2018
California's Drought of the Future: A Prospective Look at the 2012-2017 Drought December 12, 2018
Quantifying the Impact of Heterotrophic Respiration on Variability in the Global Carbon Dioxide Growth Rate. December 12, 2018
3-D Characteristics of Mesoscale Convective Systems and Their Large-Scale Environments East of the Rocky Mountains from 13 Years of Observations December 12, 2018
Using the Community Earth System Model Large Ensemble to investigate changes in frequency of major precipitation accumulations in a warming climate December 12, 2018
Observation and Modeling of Mesoscale Convective Systems and Their Large-scale Environment December 12, 2018
Deep learning on the Sphere: Convolutional Neural Network on Unstructured Mesh December 12, 2018
Traceability Analysis of Ensemble Modeling Results with A Unified Diagnostic System to Improve Land Carbon Cycle Predictions December 12, 2018
How credible are model projections of changes to precipitation extremes? December 12, 2018
Global carbon-14 observations constrain rates of soil organic matter decomposition in the Energy Exascale Earth System Model December 12, 2018
EarthInsights: Parallel Clustering of Large Earth Science Datasets on the Summit Supercomputer December 12, 2018
Synthesizing Earth System Model Behavior: From Petabytes to Kilobytes December 12, 2018
Lessons from the Atmospheric River Tracking Method Intercomparison Project (ARTMIP) December 12, 2018
Oceanic and Atmospheric Controls on Tropical Cyclone Activity December 12, 2018
Empty nesting: Where do you need high resolution to accurately simulate Atlantic hurricane impacts in climate models? December 12, 2018
Data assimilation strategy for E3SM land model carbon-nitrogen-phosphorus cycles December 13, 2018
Global river responses to rising CO2: separating the effects of physiological and radiative changes on streamflow and flooding December 13, 2018
Implications of cool roofs for future exposure to heat extremes in California December 13, 2018
Impact of Changes in Anthropogenic Forcing on the Terrestrial Carbon Budget through the Year 2300 December 13, 2018
Big-data-big-model Fusion to Improve Prediction of Global Soil Carbon Dynamics with Earth System Model December 13, 2018
Parallel K-means Clustering of Geospatiotemporal Data Sets Using Manycore CPU Architectures December 13, 2018
Nonlinearity of the ITCZ response to climate perturbations revealed by q-flux Green's function experiments December 13, 2018
Seasonally dependent responses of tropical rainfall and subtropical highs to global warming December 13, 2018