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Observation and Modeling of Mesoscale Convective Systems and Their Large-scale Environment December 12, 2018
Observation-based metrics for evaluating typical precipitation across generations of CMIP December 11, 2018
Observational constraints on wet and dry deposition of black carbon December 14, 2018
Oceanic and Atmospheric Controls on Tropical Cyclone Activity December 12, 2018
Oceanic drivers for tropical terrestrial carbon cycle and extreme December 10, 2018
On the errors in calculating solar radiation in Earth system models December 11, 2018
Our Changing Climate: National Climate Assessment NCA4 Vol. 2, Chapter 2 December 12, 2018
Pan-arctic flux of soil organic carbon to rivers by river bank erosion December 14, 2018
Parallel K-means Clustering of Geospatiotemporal Data Sets Using Manycore CPU Architectures December 13, 2018
Parametric sensitivity and uncertainty quantification in the version 1 of E3SM Atmosphere Model based on short Perturbed Parameters Ensemble simulations December 13, 2018
Planning for long-term climate effects on the water-energy infrastructure of the Western US December 11, 2018
Potential Decomposability of Permafrost Carbon Stocks in Ice-Wedge Polygons of the Alaskan Arctic Coastal Plain December 12, 2018
Precipitation Characteristics in the Community Atmosphere Model and Their Dependence on Model Resolution December 11, 2018
Preliminary Results from a High Resolution Coupled Simulation using E3SM December 11, 2018
Probabilistic detection of extreme weather using deep learning methods December 10, 2018
Process based simulation of global agricultural ammonia emissions in an earth system model December 11, 2018
Processes Regulating Low-Cloud Response to Aerosol and Temperature Perturbations in a Global Climate Model December 10, 2018
Quantifying the Agreement Between Observed and Simulated Extratropical Modes of Interannual Variability December 12, 2018
Quantifying the Arctic Local Radiative Feedbacks Based on Observed Short-term Climate Variations December 14, 2018
Quantifying the Impact of Heterotrophic Respiration on Variability in the Global Carbon Dioxide Growth Rate. December 12, 2018
Quantifying the Upscale Effects of Mesoscale Convective Systems and Implications to Model Biases in Large-Scale Circulation December 11, 2018
Radar wind profiler investigations into MCSs characteristics December 12, 2018
Reexamining Linkages Between United States East Coast Sea-level and the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation December 13, 2018
Regional Grid Refinement in an Earth System Model: Impacts on the Simulated Greenland Surface Mass Balance December 13, 2018
Remote sensing and regression analysis of impacts from Hurricane Maria on forest of Puerto Rico December 14, 2018
Representing reservoir effects on riverine sediment processes December 11, 2018
Reservoir Thermal Stratification Model Development and Validation Over the Continental US December 12, 2018
Respired Radiocarbon: Insights into decadal soil carbon cycling December 11, 2018
Sea ice modulated convection processes in the Nordic Seas December 14, 2018
Seasonal patterns and controls of water composition in an Amazon floodplain lake December 12, 2018