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Impacts of Resolution-Dependent Physics in Aquaplanet Simulations December 16, 2015
Effects of Explicit Convection on Global Land-atmosphere Coupling in the Superparameterized CAM December 16, 2015 Poster
An Integrated Assessment of Water Scarcity Effects on Energy and Land Use Decisions and Mitigation Policies December 16, 2015
Regional Climate Modeling III December 16, 2015
Trade in Water and Commodities as Adaptations to Global Change December 16, 2015
Future Vegetation Dynamics and Associated Land Surface Feedbacks from 2010 to 2100 in the High Latitudes under a Changing Climate December 16, 2015
Carbon and Nutrient Responses to Fire and Climate Warming in Alaskan Arctic Tundra December 16, 2015
Characterizing Organic Matter Liability in Alaskan Tundra Soils using Mid-Infrared Spectroscopy December 16, 2015
Bioavailable Carbon and the Relative Degradation State of Organic Matter in Active Layer and Permafrost Soils December 16, 2015
Global Energy Consumption for Direct Water Use December 16, 2015
Improving Predictions of Large Scale Soil Carbon Dynamics: Integration of fine-scale hydrological and biogeochemical processes, scaling, and benchmarking December 16, 2015
Observed Oceanic and Terrestrial Drivers of North African Climate December 16, 2015
Using Multiple Soil Carbon Maps Facilitates Better Comparisons with Large Scale Modeled Outputs December 16, 2015
Characterizing the Distributions and Sources of Dust during Atmospheric River Landfall in the Western December 16, 2015
Using ARM Observations to Evaluate Model Predictions of Land-Atmosphere Coupling on the U.S. Southern Great Plains December 16, 2015
Simulating the United States County Level Crop Yields in the Community Land Model with an Optimized Fertilization Scheme December 16, 2015
How Well Does the ARM SGP Central Facility Observations Represent the Regional Land-Atmosphere Coupling on Multiple Timescales? December 16, 2015
Enabling Efficient Climate Science Workflows in High Performance Computing Environments December 16, 2015
Resilience of an Explicitly Simulated Madden-Julian Oscillation to Extreme Basic State Variation Challenges Moisture Mode View December 16, 2015
The Impact of Model Uncertainty on Seasonal Sea Ice Forecasts December 16, 2015
Advancing Science of the Arctic System: Exploring the Past and Present to Predict the Future II December 16, 2015
Simulation of Arctic climate with the Regional Arctic System Model (RASM): Sensitivity to atmospheric processes December 16, 2015
The Challenge of Clouds and Surface Energy Fluxes in the Coupled Arctic System December 16, 2015
Atmospheric Rivers and Heavy Precipitation From a Hierarchy of Climate Simulations December 16, 2015
A Global Sensitivity Analysis of Arctic Sea Ice to Parameter Uncertainty in the CICE v5.1 Sea Ice Model December 16, 2015
A Global Sensitivity Analysis of Arctic Sea Ice to Parameter Uncertainty in the CICE v5.1 Sea Ice Model December 16, 2015
Modeling the Seasonal Ice Zone from the Air: use of repeat aerial hydrographic surveys to constrain a regional ice-ocean model in an area of rapidly evolving ice cover December 16, 2015
Modelling Sea Ice and Surface Wave Interactions in Polar Regions December 16, 2015
Aerosol Effects on the Summer Precipitation over the Tibet Plateau and East Asia: The quasi-biweekly intraseasonal variation December 16, 2015
Mixed-Phase Cloud Physics and Southern Ocean Cloud Feedback in Climate Models December 16, 2015