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Infrastructure Upgrades to Support Model Longevity and New Applications: The Variable Infiltration Capacity Model Version 5.0 (VIC 5.0) December 18, 2015
Influences of Vegetation Phenological Shifts on Water and Energy Cycle December 15, 2015
Influence of the Freshwater Forcing Patway on the AMOC during 8.2K Event December 17, 2015
Inevitable changes in snowpack and water resources over California’s Sierra Nevada December 16, 2015
Indirect Effects of Climate Change on Heat Waves in the Great Plains December 14, 2015
Increasing Rainfall in Central U.S. Driven by Changes in Mesoscale Convective Systems December 17, 2015
Inconsistencies in Future Changes in Tropical Cyclone Statistics between CMIP5-Class Models and state of the art high resolution atmospheric models December 15, 2015
Improving Throughput of the ACME Climate Model by Parallel Splitting Atmospheric Physics and Dynamics December 15, 2015 Poster
Improving Predictions of Large Scale Soil Carbon Dynamics: Integration of fine-scale hydrological and biogeochemical processes, scaling, and benchmarking December 16, 2015
Implicit Time Stepping and Preconditioning for Atmospheric Dynamics in the Community Atmosphere Model December 15, 2015
Implementation of a Canopy Air Space Scheme into the Community Land Model December 15, 2015
Implementation Ambiguity: The fifth element long lost in uncertainty budgets for land biogeochemical modeling December 15, 2015
Impacts of Resolution-Dependent Physics in Aquaplanet Simulations December 18, 2015
Impacts of Ocean Albedo Alteration on Arctic Sea Ice Restoration and Northern Hemisphere Climate December 14, 2015
Impacts of Marine Ecodynamics on the Dimethyl Sulfide (DMS) Production December 17, 2015
Impact of Multiple Scattering on Infrared Radiative Transfer Involving Ice Clouds December 18, 2015 Oral
Impact of Land Use and Land Cover Change on Climate and Air Quality in the CESM December 17, 2015
Identifying the Main Drivers of Soil Carbon Response to Climate Change in Arctic and Boreal Alaska December 17, 2015
How Will Shrub Expansion Impact Soil Carbon Sequestration in Arctic Tundra? December 14, 2015
How Much Does Sea Spray Aerosol Organic Matter Impact Clouds and Radiation? Sensitivity Studies in the Community Atmosphere Model December 17, 2015
Has the Northern Hemisphere Mid-Latitude Hydrological Cycle Responded to Twentieth Century Aerosol Forcing? December 17, 2015
GRACE-assisted Budyko Hypothesis for Improved Estimates of Long-term Water Partitioning December 17, 2015
Global Energy Consumption for Direct Water Use December 16, 2015 Poster
Future Vegetation Dynamics and Associated Land Surface Feedbacks from 2010 to 2100 in the High Latitudes under a Changing Climate December 16, 2015
Functioning of the Ocean Biological Pump in the Oxygen Minimum Zones December 15, 2015
Filling A Capability and Decision Support Gap between Weather and Seasonal Forecasts: The role of USCLIVAR and initiating efforts of its MJO Working Group December 18, 2015
Extreme Temperature Regimes during the Cool Season and their Associated Large-Scale Circulations December 18, 2015
Explicit Low Clouds in a Global Model: Initial Results from Ultra-Parameterized CAM5 December 18, 2015
Evapotranspiration and Drought Changes: Some Key Issues December 16, 2015 Oral, Invited
Evaluation of Vegetation Biomass in CMIP5 Models over the Northern High-Latitudes December 15, 2015