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Fidelity of Precipitation Extremes in High Resolution Global Climate Model Simulations May 06, 2015 Poster
Functional Testing and Software Refactoring for ACME Land Model May 06, 2015
General Policy on Paper Writing May 06, 2015 Presentation
High-Dimensional Surrogate Models and Global Sensitivity Analysis May 06, 2015 Poster
Hydrologic Signatures from Human Activities in ESM: Insights from One-Way Coupled Experiments May 06, 2015 Poster
Improved Performance of Offline ALM Simulations for Testing and UQ May 06, 2015
Improving Representations of Human-Earth System Interactions May 06, 2015
Improving Water and Nitrogen Limitations on Vegetation Dynamics for Earth System Models May 06, 2015
Integration of Prognostic Phosphorus Cycle Dynamics into ACME May 06, 2015 Poster
Land Group May 05, 2015 Presentation
Land-Atmosphere Coupling in ACME with Subgrid Topography May 06, 2015 Poster
Lessons Learned from the "High-Res" Project May 05, 2015 Presentation
Lessons Learned from the 'High-Res' Project: The Importance of Atmospheric Variability and Suggested Improved Testing May 06, 2015 Poster
MOSART-Sediment: Model Development, Preliminary Results and Future Directions May 06, 2015 Poster
MPAS-Coastal: A Pathway for Including Coastal Ocean Dynamics and Impacts in ACME V2 May 06, 2015 Poster
New Theory for Ecosystem Nutrient Competition, Representation of Plant Traits, and Improved Advective Solution Improves ALM Simulations May 05, 2015 Presentation
New Theory for Nutrient Competition, Plant Traits, and Improved Advection Improves ALM Simulations May 06, 2015 Poster
New Treatments of Aerosol Formation, Resuspension, Ice Nucleation, and Light-Absorption in Snow/Ice May 06, 2015 Poster
Ocean/Ice Group May 05, 2015 Presentation
Performance Group May 05, 2015 Presentation
Performance Portability, Embedded Ensembles, and Implicit Methods May 06, 2015 Poster
Planning and JIRA Plenary Tutorial May 05, 2015 Presentation
Possible Extensions to the Orographic Drag Scheme in ACME May 06, 2015
Possible Next-Generation Aerosol Developments in the ACME Global Model May 06, 2015 Poster
Preliminary Results from Implementation of A New Marine Organic Matter Parameterization May 06, 2015 Poster
Pressure Gradient Errors in CAM-SE May 06, 2015
Progress and Challenges in Testing and Coupling Land Ice Models in ACME May 06, 2015 Poster
Progress on Porting the Community Atmosphere Model - Spectral Element (CAM-SE) to the GPU-CPU Hybrid Architectures May 06, 2015 Poster
Regional Refinement over the Continental United States in the ACME model May 06, 2015 Poster
Representing Substrate Competition in Biogeochemical Networks Using the ECA Kinetics May 06, 2015 Poster