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1993–2015 Climatology and changes of extreme precipitation events in Taiwan based on weather types December 12, 2019
21st century expansion of high-latitude deciduous forests driven by interactions between warming, fire, and nutrient dynamics December 09, 2019
3D convection, phase change, and solute transport in mushy sea ice December 12, 2019
A correlated radiative transfer model for aerosol remote sensing December 09, 2019
A Framework for Climate Change Adaptation Planning of California's Electricity-Water Nexus December 09, 2019
A Framework to Delineate Precipitation-Runoff Regimes: Precipitation vs. Snowpack in the Western U.S. December 11, 2019
A hierarchical Bayesian model to understand how regional climate variables and shifts in observational practices contributed to the U.S. tornado records December 09, 2019
A hierarchical Bayesian model to understand how regional climate variables and shifts in observational practices contributed to the U.S. tornado records December 09, 2019
A machine learning approach to quantify land model parameter uncertainty December 11, 2019
A Multimodel Technique for Estimating Future Changes in Extreme Precipitation December 13, 2019
A New Convective Trigger for Better Capturing the Diurnal Cycle of Precipitation in Weather and Climate Models: Observational Evidence and Modeling Results December 13, 2019
A new metrics package for ENSO evaluation in CMIP models December 13, 2019
A recent comprehensive arctic cyclone climatology from the Regional Arctic System Model (RASM) December 12, 2019
A Round Earth for Climate Models: Solar Heating Rates Errors Caused by Lack of Sphericity, Refraction, and a Spherical Hydrostatic Atmosphere December 10, 2019
A semi-implicit barotropic mode solver for the MPAS-Ocean December 09, 2019
A substantial role of soil erosion in the land carbon sink and its future changes December 11, 2019
Achieving FAIR’s Data Reusability in Integrated Modeling Environments December 10, 2019
Advancing our understanding of the impacts of historic and projected land use in the Earth System: The Land Use Model Intercomparison Project (LUMIP) December 10, 2019
An Analytical Framework for Water-Electricity Resilience Planning in the U.S. (Invited) December 13, 2019
An Exploration of Extreme Precipitation from Tropical Cyclones over the Eastern United States in Variable-Resolution CAM December 12, 2019
Analysis of Extreme Precipitation Patterns Associated with Tropical Cyclones in the Eastern United States December 12, 2019
Assessing Changes in Tropical Cyclone Genesis under Varying Climate Scenarios December 12, 2019
Assessing the global carbon cycle in CMIP5 and CMIP6 using ILAMB benchmarking December 13, 2019
Atmospheric Rivers in a Changing Climate: An Overview from the Second Phase of the Atmospheric River Tracking Method Intercomparison Project (ARTMIP) December 12, 2019
Atmospheric Teleconnection Linking Winter Air Stagnation and Haze Extremes in China to Regional Arctic Sea Ice Decline December 09, 2019
Attribution of Diurnal Temperature Range Trends to Radiative and Physiological Effects of Rising Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide December 13, 2019
Bias and Constraints on Carbon Cycling in Tropical Forest Soils With Measurements and Modeling of Soil Carbon and Radiocarbon December 10, 2019
Can GCMs produce credible projections of changes in extreme precipitation? (Invited) December 12, 2019
Catchments-scale vegetation water use efficiency: patterns, processes and implications December 10, 2019
Characterizing interactions between human and Earth systems (Invited) December 13, 2019