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Box Modeling Approach for Improving the Representation of Riverine Freshwater Inputs in Climate Models May 14, 2014
Bridging Scales in Global Ocean Modeling with MPAS-O May 14, 2014
CAM5 at Global High-Resolution and Regionally Refined High-Resolution May 12, 2014 Poster
Carbon and Pigments in the Oceanic Ice Domain May 13, 2014 Poster
Causes and Implications of Persistent Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Biases in Earth System Models May 13, 2014 Poster, Poster
Centennial Trend and Decadal-to-Interdecadal Variability of Atmospheric Angular Momentum in Climate Model Simulations May 13, 2014 Poster
Changes in Ocean Heat Content from the 20th to 21st Centuries May 13, 2014 Presentation
Characterizing Uncertainty in Observational Data Sets for Climate Change Studies May 12, 2014
Chemistry in CESM-SE May 14, 2014 Poster
Climate Change, Water Resources and Irrigated Crop Yields: A Modeling Framework for Integrated Assessment of the US May 12, 2014
Climate Impacts on New Connected Infrastructure Vulnerabilities May 12, 2014 Presentation
Climate Impacts, Food Security and Land-Based Mitigation Benefits of R&D-Based Agricultural Adaptation May 12, 2014
Climate Vulnerability of Water Sector Infrastructure May 12, 2014 Presentation
Climate Workflow Automation and Optimization on DOE Resources May 14, 2014
ClimatePipes: Analysis and Visualization of Climate and Geospatial Datasets for Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation May 12, 2014
CMIP Global Ocean Diagnostics May 13, 2014 Poster
Coastal Downscaling Experiments: Can CESM Fields Successfully Force Regional Coastal Ocean Simulations with Strong Freshwater Forcing? May 12, 2014 Poster
Comparing Alternative Modeling Approaches for the Assessment of Energy Infrastructure Vulnerability to Coastal Storm Surge May 12, 2014 Poster
Comparison Between Climate Projections with Parameterized and Super-Parameterized Convection May 13, 2014 Presentation, Presentation
Constraining Dust Mineral and Elemental Composition in Climate Models May 14, 2014 Poster
Constraining the Community Land Model Using Biogeochemical Observations: Carbon Exchange on Multiple Timescales May 13, 2014
Could the Early-2000s Hiatus of Global Warming have been Predicted in the 1990s? May 13, 2014
Coupling the Land Use Decisions and Carbon Cycles of Earth System and Integrated Assessment Models May 14, 2014 Presentation, Presentation
Dependence of Dust Radiative Forcing on Mineralogy in the Community Atmosphere Model May 14, 2014 Poster
Derivative-Based Uncertainty Quantification in Climate Modeling May 12, 2014
Detection of Historical Precipitation Trends Over the Continental United States May 14, 2014
Developing a Large Scale Stream Temperature Model within the CESM Framework May 12, 2014 Poster
Developing a Predictive Model to Identify Potential Electric Grid Stress Events Due to Climate and Weather Factors May 12, 2014 Presentation
Developing an Automatic Metric and Diagnostic Package for CAPT Simulations May 14, 2014
Developing Fully Implicit CAM-SE for High Performance Hybrid Systems May 14, 2014 Poster