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Long Residence Times of Deep and Rapidly Decomposable Soil Organic Matter are Consistent with Aqueous Transport and Mineral Sorption May 14, 2014 Poster
Modeling Aerosol-Cloud-Climate Interactions over East Asia May 13, 2014 Poster
Modeling Antarctic Sea Ice Halodynamics and the Role of Snow May 14, 2014 Poster
Modern Statistical Techniques for Characterization of Extreme Precipitation During Atmospheric River Events May 13, 2014 Poster
Multi-scale Modeling of Hydrologic and Biogeochemical Processes in Arctic Ecosystems May 14, 2014 Poster
Multi-Year Simulation of Aerosol Indirect Effects using WRF-CAM5 with Improved Aerosol-Cloud-Precipitation Representations May 14, 2014
Network Connectivity in Climate Simulations from the Recent Past to the Twenty-Third Century May 14, 2014
Nonlinear Scale Interactions and Energy Pathways in the Ocean May 14, 2014
Nudging Strategies for the Community Atmosphere Model (CAM) May 14, 2014 Poster
Oceanic Influence on Seasonal Atlantic Tropical Cyclone (TC) Activity: Pacific vs. Atlantic May 13, 2014 Poster
One-way coupling of the Global Change Assessment Model (GCAM) and the Community Land Model: An outlook of future water deficits in the U.S. May 12, 2014 Poster
Optimal Initial Conditions for Coupling Ice Sheet Models to Earth System Models May 14, 2014 Presentation
Pacific Decadal Variability in CCSM3 May 13, 2014 Poster
Parameterizing CAM's Deep Convection with the Stochastic Parcel Model May 14, 2014
Parametric Sensitivity Analysis of Precipitation at Global and Local Scales in the Community Atmosphere Model CAM5 May 14, 2014 Poster
Parametric Sensitivity to Regional Mesh Refinement in the Community Atmosphere Model (CAM) May 14, 2014 Poster
PCMDI-Led Community Benchmarking of Climate Models May 13, 2014
Performance Focused Developments within MPAS-Ocean May 14, 2014 Poster
Physical Mechanism Underlying Tropical Rainfall Biases from Transpose AMIP Simulation with CAM5 May 14, 2014 Poster
Physics-dynamics Coupling with CAM-SE (HOMME): Equal-area Physics Grid May 14, 2014 Poster
Potential Impacts of Heat Waves and Coincident Drought on Electric Reliability, Cost, and CO2 Emissions in the Eastern U.S. Grid May 12, 2014 Poster
Probability of U.S. Heat Waves Affected by a Subseasonal Planetary Wave Pattern May 13, 2014 Poster
Progress on Understanding Cloud-Radiation Interactions May 13, 2014 Poster
Progress Towards Development of a Variably Saturated Subsurface Model for CLM May 14, 2014 Poster
Progresses in Understanding ENSO in Climate Models and Observation May 13, 2014
Quantifying the effects of climate change impacts on future hydropower generation May 12, 2014
RACORO: An Observationally-based LES Study of Continental Boundary Layer Cumulus May 14, 2014
RACORO: Case Study Generation for Continental Boundary Layer Clouds May 14, 2014 Poster
RACORO: Evaluation of the SCAM5 Shallow Cumulus Parameterization May 14, 2014
Radiative and Dynamical forcing of El Nino-Related Global Temperature Anomalies in the Observations and in CMIP5 Models May 13, 2014 Poster