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A Round Earth for Climate Models: Solar Heating Rates Errors Caused by Lack of Sphericity, Refraction, and a Spherical Hydrostatic Atmosphere December 10, 2019
A Scale-Adaptive Turbulent Kinetic Energy Closure for the Dry Convective Boundary Layer December 12, 2016
A semi-implicit barotropic mode solver for the MPAS-Ocean December 09, 2019
A Sensitivity Analysis of Cloud Properties to CLUBB Parameters in the Single Column Community Atmosphere Model (SCAM5) May 14, 2014 Poster
A Sensitivity Study on Modeling Black Carbon in Snow and its Radiative Forcing over the Arctic and Northern China May 13, 2014 Poster
A Simplified, Data-Constrained Approach to Estimate the Permafrost Carbon-Climate Feedback: The PCN Incubation-Panarctic Thermal (PInc-PanTher) Scaling Approach December 17, 2015
A Spectral Representations of the Atmospheric Column in Global Climate Models December 14, 2015 Oral, Invited
A Stabilizing Feedback Between Cloud Radiative Effects and Greenland Surface Melt: Verification From Multi-year Automatic Weather Station Measurements December 15, 2017
A stochastic transition matrix approach to modeling of the population dynamics of clouds January 07, 2019
A substantial role of soil erosion in the land carbon sink and its future changes December 11, 2019
A Systematic Deficiency of Climate Models that Compromises Regional Climate Projections and Integrated Assessments May 12, 2014
A Testbed to Measure Spurious Mixing in MPAS-Ocean May 14, 2014
A Three-dimensional, Implicit, Thermo-mechanical Computational Model for Polythermal Ice December 13, 2016
A Topology-Based Approach To Characterization and Detection of Weather Patterns in Climate Model Output: Application to Atmospheric Blocking Events January 09, 2019
A tropical cyclone genesis prediction method using machine learning December 11, 2017
A unified snow and sea ice radiative transfer algorithm in Earth System Models December 14, 2018
A user-friendly software package to ease the use of VIC hydrologic model for practitioners December 15, 2016
A Vertically Resolved Moist Static Energy Framework Highlights the Role of the Boundary Layer in Convective Self-Aggregation December 09, 2020
A-L: Atmoshpere - Land Groups November 11, 2016
A-O: Atmosphere - Ocean/Ice Groups November 11, 2016
A-P: Atmosphere - Performance Groups November 11, 2016
A-S: Atmosphere - SE/CPL Groups November 11, 2016
A-W: Atmosphere - Workflow Groups November 11, 2016
Accuracy and performance tradeoffs for robust porous media discretization with non-orthogonal grids and tensor coefficients December 12, 2018
Accurate Reproduction of a Mesoscale Convective System Structure Using WRF with a New Spectral Bin Microphysics December 12, 2018
Achieving FAIR’s Data Reusability in Integrated Modeling Environments December 10, 2019
ACME All-Hands June 05, 2017 Presentation
ACME All-Hands Meeting Agenda June 07, 2016 Agenda
ACME Atmosphere Group Highlight November 10, 2016 Presentation
ACME BER Overview June 08, 2016 Presentation