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Semi-supervised tracking of extreme weather events in global spatio-temporal climate datasets December 13, 2017
Sensitivities of Electricity Generation to Climate Change Related Temperature Increases: A Regional Experiment May 12, 2014 Presentation, Presentation, Presentation
Sensitivity Analysis as a Tool to assess Energy-Water Nexus in India December 15, 2017
Sensitivity analysis for the coupling of a subglacial hydrology model with a 3D ice-sheet model December 14, 2017
Sensitivity of Land Surface Modeling to Parameters: An uncertainty quantification method applied to the Community Land Model December 17, 2015
Sensitivity of modeled ice-shelf basal melt rates to ocean horizontal mixing in the Energy Exascale Earth System (E3SM) Model December 09, 2020
Sensitivity of power system operations to projected changes in water availability due to climate change: the Western U.S. case study December 14, 2017
Sensitivity of Regional Climate Models to GCM Equilibrium Climate Sensitivity January 07, 2019
Sensitivity of Sea Ice States to Variable Parameter Space in the Regional Arctic System Model (RASM) May 13, 2014
Sensitivity of sub-daily extreme winter precipitation to model resolution December 10, 2020
Sensitivity of the E3SM Microphysics Model to Process Coupling Time Step Sizes December 07, 2020
Sensitivity of Wind Turbine Array Downstream Effects to the Parameterization used in WRF January 08, 2019
Separating Aleatoric and Epistemic Uncertainties of Time Series Deep Learning Models for Soil Moisture Predictions December 10, 2018
Shape of Atlantic tropical cyclone tracks and the Indian monsoon January 08, 2019
Short Overview of Proposed ACME Publications November 10, 2016
Short Overview of Published Publications November 10, 2016
Short Simulations for Efficient Model Evaluation and Turning November 03, 2015 Poster
Short Simulations for Efficient Model Evaluation, Tuning and Calibration May 05, 2015 Presentation
Short Simulations for Efficient Model Evaluation, Tuning and Calibration Part I: Strategy and Framework May 06, 2015 Poster
Short Simulations for Efficient Model Evaluation, Tuning and Calibration Part II: Early Results May 06, 2015 Poster
Short-term water-carbon interactions regulate interannual variability in ecosystem responses to changing climates December 10, 2020
Should we Trust Emergent Constraints? December 11, 2018
Simple Climate Model Evaluation Using Impulse Response Tests December 11, 2017
Simulated and Observed Atmospheric Circulation Patterns Associated with Extreme Temperature Days over North America May 13, 2014 Presentation
Simulated and Observed Spatiotemporal Variations of Warming Caused Earlier Snow Melting in Northern High-Latitude Regions December 14, 2020
Simulating cloud and precipitation using a multi-scale modeling framework (MMF) with the P3 microphysics December 09, 2019
Simulating marine ice sheet dynamics in MPAS land ice June 09, 2016 Poster
Simulating Marine Ice Sheets with the Community Ice Sheet Model December 18, 2015 Poster
Simulating surface energy-water-carbon fluxes and crop yield using Ecosys model over agroecosystem in the U.S. Corn Belt December 11, 2019
Simulation of Arctic Climate with the Regional Arctic System Model (RASM): Sensitivity to Atmospheric Processes May 13, 2014 Poster