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Diversity in Detection Algorithms for Atmospheric Rivers: A Community Effort to Understand the Consequences (Invited) December 11, 2017
Do state-of-the-art CMIP5 ESMs accurately represent observed vegetation-rainfall feedbacks? Focus on the Sahel December 13, 2017
Do the modern AMOC and PMOC form a natural climate seesaw? December 13, 2018
DOE Scienti c Successes as Part of the International Land Model Bench- marking (ILAMB) Project December 14, 2015
DOE-HQ-ESM News and Perspectives November 09, 2016 Presentation
Don’t Count on It: Reasons to doubt a strong negative cloud feedback December 18, 2015
Drivers of the Increasing Mean Annual CO2 Cycle in the CESM December 15, 2015
Drivers of the Increasing Mean Annual CO2 Cycle in the CESM December 15, 2015
Drivers of Wetter South Asian Summer Monsoon in the 21st Century May 13, 2014 Poster
Drought impact on vegetation growth and mortality December 12, 2017
Drying of the Mediterranean and the Role of the Atlantic Storm Tracks: Responses to Greenhouse Gases and the North Atlantic Oscillation May 14, 2014
Dryland Agrivoltaics: A novel approach to collocating food production and solar renewable energy to maximize food production, water savings, and energy generation December 15, 2017
Dust Aerosols in ACME and Sensitivity to Model Resolution June 07, 2017 Poster
Dynamic Biogenic Emissions for the Marine Background Aerosol May 13, 2014 Poster
Dynamic Roots in ALM November 03, 2015 Poster
Dynamical and Thermodynamical Modulations of Future Atmospheric River Changes in the West Coast of North America December 18, 2015
Dynamical Circulation Regimes and Temperature Extremes in the Contemporary and 21st Century Arctic December 16, 2015
Dynamical Downscaling: Methodology and Assessment Posters December 14, 2015
Dynamical Simulations in North Atlantic Tropical Cyclone Activity using Observed Low Frequency SSTs Oscillation Imposed on CMIP5 Model SSTs May 13, 2014 Poster
Dynamics and Impacts of Fine-Scale Change May 12, 2014
Dynamics and resilience in interdependent systems at the energy-water-land nexus (Invited) December 13, 2017
Dynamics of and precursors to California megafloods, present and future January 07, 2019
Dynamics of ENSO Diversity January 10, 2019
Early season mapping of Corn and Soybeans in the US Midwest December 14, 2018
Earth System Grid Federation November 03, 2015 Poster
EarthInsights: Parallel Clustering of Large Earth Science Datasets on the Summit Supercomputer December 12, 2018
Economic implications of climate-driven trends in global hydropower generation December 14, 2017
Ecosystem memory alters the carbon cycle response to interannual climate variations December 14, 2018
Effects of Cloud Superparameterization at the Land-Atmosphere Interface December 14, 2015 Poster
Effects of ENSO-induced extremes on terrestrial ecosystems December 13, 2017