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An Overall Assessment of the Ice-Cloud Longwave Scattering Effects on the Simulated Global Climate ESMD -
Evaluation of Marine Aerosol-Liquid Cloud Interactions in E3SM Via Joint Distributions of Surface- and Satellite-Based Retrievals ESMD -
Merging Convection-Permitting Resolution and Interactive Chemistry and Aerosols: Initial Results from a New Global Multiscale Wildfire Simulation Framework ESMD -
E3SM Diags: A Python Package for Earth System Model Evaluation ESMD -
Xarray Climate Data Analysis Tools (xCDAT): A Python Package for Simple and Robust Analysis of Climate Data ESMD RGMA -
Project Raijin: Community Geoscience Analysis Tools for Unstructured Grids ESMD -
Using Earth System Models in a hierarchy of models to more effectively address climate and environmental security applications ESMD -
Tropical Cyclone Weather Extremes and Flooding Impacts in a Global Climate Model Large Ensemble Partnered with a High-Resolution Hydrology Model ESMD -
Climate Impacts of Wildfire Smoke in the Stratosphere: Pyrocumulonimbus Events over British Columbia in 2017 ESMD -
Coupled Water and Heat Transport Impacts Carbon Emissions from a Hillslope Thermokarst bog ESMD -
Turbulence Decay During the Evening Transition Over the Southern Great Plains ESMD -
Connecting Mesoscale Convective Systems to Hydrologic Variability and Change (Core Science Keynote) ESMD -
Application of the Eulerian-Lagrangian Point-Mass-Particle (ELPMP) Discretization to Bridge Regional to Global Impacts of Aerosols ESMD -
Pre-industrial Control and Historical Simulations for CLDERA-E3SMv2: an Earth System Model with Prognostic Volcanic Aerosol ESMD -
Global Warming Amplifies Heatwaves over Land and Lake Differently ESMD -
Assessing the Use of a Global Climate Model with a Regionally-Refined Mesh (RRM) As a Cost-Effective Tool to Simulate Extreme Precipitation ESMD -
Understanding Tropical Subseasonal Convection in E3SM Version 2 Using Process-Oriented Diagnostics ESMD -
MJO and Related Mode of Tropical Convection Simulated By the Doe Energy Exascale Earth System Model (E3SM) with Improved Cloud and Convection Parameterizations ESMD -
Assessing the Effects of Giant Aerosols on Cloud and Precipitation Characteristics in E3SM ESMD -
Climate Trends and Earth System Processes ESMD -
In-Situ Analysis of Physical Pathways Activated By Aerosol Injection in E3SM ESMD -
Global Storm-Resolving modeling in E3SM (Invited Presentation) ESMD -
Using Randomly Wired Neural Networks to Emulate Aerosol Optics ESMD -
Analysis of snow droughts in land model simulations and ERA5-Land data in 1980-2014 ESMD -
Tropical Cyclone Weather Extremes and Flooding Impacts in a Global Climate Model Large Ensemble Partnered with a High-resolution Hydrology Model ESMD RGMA MSD -
A mesh independent flow direction model for flow routing ESMD -
A machine learning approach targeting parameter estimate for modeling plant coexistence using ELM-FATES ESMD -
Resolving away stratocumulus biases in modern global climate models ESMD -
Global Calibration of Demographic Rates and Forest Structure in E3SM-FATES ESMD -
Two Large-Scale Meteorological Patterns are Associated with Short-Duration Dry Spells in the Northeastern United States ESMD RGMA MSD -

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