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Project: A Framework for Improving Analysis and Modeling of Earth System and Intersectoral Dynamics at Regional Scales (HyperFACETS)
Title Date
Two Large-Scale Meteorological Patterns are Associated with Short-Duration Dry Spells in the Northeastern United States ESMD RGMA MSD -
Global and Technical Aspects of the HyperFACETS Dynamical Downscaling Simulations over North America by the CAM-MPAS Variable-Resolution Model RGMA -
Uncertainty in Atmospheric River Detection and Atmospheric River Induced Precipitation due to Reanalysis Selection RGMA -
Projection of future fire emissions over contiguous US using the explainable artificial intelligence approach RGMA -
Projected Changes in Inter-Regional Simultaneity of Megafires in the Western US Based on NA-CORDEX Regional Climate Simulations RGMA -
How Might the May 2015 Flood in the U.S. Southern Great Plains Induced by Sequential MCS Unfold in the Future with Warming? RGMA -
What is the best technique to dynamically downscale regional climate change? RGMA -
What is the best technique to dynamically downscale regional climate change? RGMA -
The Link Between Extreme Storms and Climate Action: A Study of Coastal New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut RGMA -
The implications of climate change on Sierra Nevada snow hydrology and its impacts on California’s water-food-energy nexus. RGMA MSD -
Evaluating the simulation of precipitation by storm type in Energy Exascale Earth System Model RGMA -
Short- and Long-term Precipitation Events Influencing Missouri River Flooding in Contemporary and Scenario Climate RGMA -
Decision-Relevant Climate Storylines from Object-Oriented Analysis MSD -
Asymmetric hemispheric decline of American Cordillera snowpack with future warming RGMA MSD -
LSTM-based Integration of Recent Observations to Dramatically Improve One-month-ahead Point-based Snow Water Equivalent Forecast and Separate Error Sources RGMA -
Kilometer-scale extreme weather storylines in variable-resolution global climate models RGMA -
Projected Changes in Extreme River-flow in the Upper Mississippi River Basin RGMA -
Exploring the Relationship between Tropical Cyclone Precipitation and Sea Surface Temperature on Different Time Scales RGMA -
Investigating Tropical and Post–Tropical Cyclone Extreme Precipitation Based on Storm Intensity and Phase RGMA
Comparison of Representations of Rain on Snow Flooding in Different Historical Datasets RGMA MSD
The 1996 Mid-Atlantic Winter Floods: Exploring Climate Risk through a Storyline Approach RGMA MSD
A retrospective and prospective examination of the 1960s U.S. Northeast Drought. ESMD RGMA MSD -
Climate Change Attribution of Extreme Rainfall Throughout Hurricane Season RGMA
The Non-Linear Response of Rain-on-snow Floods to a Warming World: Perspectives from High-Resolution Storyline Simulations RGMA MSD
A Distinct Atmospheric Mode for California Precipitation RGMA MSD
Pooling Data Improves Multimodel IDF Estimates over Median-Based IDF Estimates: Analysis over the Susquehanna and Florida RGMA MSD
Real-time attribution of anthropogenically-driven coastal flooding RGMA
Credibility Evaluation of a Convolutional Neural Net for Downscaling GCM Output over the Southern Great Plains RGMA
Storylines as a tool for advancing co-production of science and informing climate adaptation pathways: A perspective from the U.S. DOE HyperFACETS Project RGMA MSD
Large Scale Meteorological Patterns Associated with Extreme Precipitation Events Over Northern California ESMD RGMA MSD

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