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Leveraging obs4MIPs for Earth System Model performance benchmarking RGMA -
Collective Earth System Model Evaluation Tool: PCMDI Metrics Package (PMP) version 3 RGMA -
Modeled internal variability and model evaluation RGMA -
Methodological Developments in the International Land Model Benchmarking Effort RGMA -
Assessing changes in the global carbon cycle extremes under stratospheric aerosol intervention RGMA -
Impact of resolved cloud-borne-aerosol transport in a global climate model E3SM ESMD -
Machine Learning based regional downscaling methods: surface PM2.5 and fire risk as examples RGMA -
Weather Systems Connecting Modes of Climate Variability to Regional Hydroclimate Extremes ESMD RGMA MSD -
Assessment of WRF (v 4.2.1) dynamically downscaled precipitation on subdaily and daily timescales over CONUS RGMA MSD -
Attribution of Extreme Heat Heterogeneity in Urban Areas: An Analysis of Neighborhood-scale Urban Heat Island Effect in Los Angeles MSD -
Small-Ensemble Parametric Uncertainty Quantification of Great Lakes Regional Climate Model: Full Spatiotemporal Analysis RGMA -
Emulators of Climate Model Output, Integrated Modeling and Scenarios Accounting for Climate Impacts MSD -
Leaf Epicuticular Waxes and the Functional Ecology of Prairie Grasses RGMA -
Wax on, Wax off: The Contribution of Epicuticular Plant Waxes to Leaf Reflectance Spectra of Tallgrass Prairie Grasses RGMA -
Closing Key Gaps in Climate Model Diagnostics RGMA -
The influence of benchmark data choices on inferred model performance in the Arctic-Boreal region RGMA -
Using a Network Flow Model to Explore the Joint Influences of Population Growth and Urban Morphology Evolution on Water Supply Reliability in Los Angeles County MSD -
Analyzing the Socio-Economic Drivers of Water Demand in an Arid, Mediterranean-Climate City MSD -
Closing Key Gaps in Climate Model Diagnostics RGMA -
Controlling Climate Response via Solar Radiation Perturbation: A Proof of Concept using GCM of Intermediate Complexity RGMA -
Moisture Recycling associated with Mesoscale Convective Systems through Vertical Pumping of Local Evapotranspiration RGMA -
Trends in Warm Season Mesoscale Convective Systems over Asia in 2001–2020 RGMA -
Development of a River Dynamical Core for E3SM to Capture Compound Flooding ESMD -
Analyzing the distributional impacts of global change on food access and availability in a Multi-sector Dynamics, human-Earth System model MSD -
Modeling the Spatiotemporal Distribution and Meteorological Impacts of Anthropogenic Heat in Los Angeles MSD -
Analyzing and Interpreting Urban Heat Islands Response to Heat Waves in Diverse Climates over Contiguous United States MSD -
Pushing the Frontiers in Climate Modeling and Analysis with Machine Learning RGMA -
Investigating the drivers of pan-Arctic water storage change with multi-source remote sensing data RGMA -
Machine learning and differentiable modeling for hydrologic trends and extremes at large scales RGMA -
Effects of Global Energy-economic Change on Hydropower Expansion in Eco-sensitive River Basins MSD -

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