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The Impact of Crop Rotation and Spatially Varying Crop Parameters in the E3SM Land Model (ELMv2) ESMD -
Defying Chaos Theory: Using Machine Learning to Extend Earth System Prediction RGMA -
How does co-production improve the actionability of complex urban systems research? RGMA MSD -
Exploiting Artificial Intelligence for Advancing Earth and Environmental System Science RGMA -
Dominant source of uncertainty in CLM simulations of hydrological signatures: a CONUS-scale comparison between forcing and parametric uncertainty MSD -
Compound effects of SAI and CDR on terrestrial carbon sink strength RGMA -
Local and Global Mass Balance of Physics-Informed Neural Network (PINN) ESMD -
Physical Science in the Fifth National Climate Assessment RGMA -
Incorporating Physically Based Bare Ice Albedo over Greenland within the Energy Exascale Earth System Model (E3SM) ESMD -
Sensitivity of Atmospheric Heating to Solar Spectral Albedo Over Cryospheric Surfaces ESMD -
Future of Arctic Offshore Oil and Gas as Sea Ice Thins under Climate Change MSD -
Artificial Intelligence for Exploring Climate Change Mitigation Strategies and Advancing Earth System Prediction RGMA
Evaluating the Propagation of Climate Vulnerability Through the Western US Water System and Interdependent Electricity System RGMA MSD -
Greenhouse Gas Fluxes and Long-Term Nutrient Sequestration in a Temperate Lake-Coastal Wetland Are Determined by Long- and Short-Term Hydrological Changes and Vegetation Patch Types RGMA -
Recent Changes in Streamflow Seasonality across Permafrost Basins of North America RGMA -
Captured QBO-MJO Connection in a Subseasonal Prediction System RGMA -
Exploring the Relationship between Tropical Cyclone Precipitation and Sea Surface Temperature on Different Time Scales RGMA -
Subseasonal Tropical Cyclone Prediction and Modulations by MJO and ENSO in CESM2 RGMA -
Relationships Between Surface Fluxes, Convection, Ocean Heat Uptake, and the ITCZ RGMA -
A Scalable Approach to Develop Electricity Grid Models for Stress Testing to Diverse and Compounded Hydrometeorological Extremes and Climate Change: U.S. Western Interconnection Case MSD -
Improved treatment of clouds and convection for the DOE Energy Exascale Earth System Model (E3SM) atmospheric model version 3 ESMD -
Simulating Coastal Wetland Hydro-Biogeochemistry in a Land Surface Model: Tidal Flows, Redox Dynamics, and Vegetation Interactions ESMD -
Linking atmospheric rivers to cloud feedback through precipitation and radiative efficiency RGMA -
Representing sub-grid heterogeneity in E3SM land model ESMD -
Machine learning models inaccurately predict current and future high-latitude C balances RGMA -
Tropical Cyclone Frequency: The Role of Seeds and the Large-Scale Environment (Invited) RGMA -
Relative Importance of Subgrid Scale Heterogeneity of Land Surface Properties and Atmospheric Forcing to Improve Earth System Model Simulations ESMD -
Using Auto Machine Learning to Improve Gross Primary Production Upscaling RGMA -
Comprehensive Evaluation of Earth System Models: Coordinated Model Evaluations Capabilities RGMA -
Arctic Coastal Mesh Re nement in a Global Earth System Model ESMD Poster -

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