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Bio-Availability of Iron Inputs to the Ocean Driven by Aerosol Chemistry in Dust RGMA Poster
Explicit Representation of Microbial-enzyme Functions in Terrestrial Ecosystem Models
Drying of the Mediterranean and the Role of the Atlantic Storm Tracks: Responses to Greenhouse Gases and the North Atlantic Oscillation
Dynamical Simulations in North Atlantic Tropical Cyclone Activity using Observed Low Frequency SSTs Oscillation Imposed on CMIP5 Model SSTs RGMA Poster
Development of the Unified Z-Grid Icosahedral Model (UZIM) at CSU Poster
Diagnostics of Interannual-to-Interdecadal Climate and Streamflow Variability: Applications to Reservoir Management over NW India Poster
Anatomy of a Climate Science-centric Unified Workflow Poster
An Offline Implicit Solver for Simulating Ocean Tracers
An Assessment of Radiative Forcing, Radiative Adjustments, and Radiative Feedbacks in Coupled Ocean Atmosphere Models RGMA
A New Measure of Model Performance RGMA
21st Century Changes in Precipitation Extremes Over the United States: Can Climate Analogues Help or Hinder? RGMA
CAM5 at Global High-Resolution and Regionally Refined High-Resolution Poster
Investigating Soil Moisture Spatial Scaling using Reduced Order Models and Analysis of Fractal Temporal Evolution Patterns Presentation
Quantifying the effects of climate change impacts on future hydropower generation
One-way coupling of the Global Change Assessment Model (GCAM) and the Community Land Model: An outlook of future water deficits in the U.S. Poster
Developing a Large Scale Stream Temperature Model within the CESM Framework MSD Poster
Software Engineering for Broad Scientific Communities around the Community Land Model
Sensitivities of Electricity Generation to Climate Change Related Temperature Increases: A Regional Experiment MSD Presentation, Presentation, Presentation
Reactive Greenhouse Gas Scenarios: Uncertainties, Future OH and Methane MSD Poster
Regional Earth System Model for U.S. Northeast Corridor - Complexity, Scales, and the Intersection of Climate, Biogeophysical and Energy Modeling Domains Poster
Regional Integrated Assessment Modeling: Supply, Transmission and Demand in a Rapidly Evolving U.S. Energy System MSD
Potential Impacts of Heat Waves and Coincident Drought on Electric Reliability, Cost, and CO2 Emissions in the Eastern U.S. Grid MSD Poster
Understanding the Importance of Scale in an Integrated Assessment Model: Insights from Multi-Scale Agricultural Simulations with GCAM MSD Poster
Uncertainty Propagation for Integrated Assessment: A Review MSD
Towards Parameterization of Root-Rock Hydrologic Interactions in the Earth System Model MSD Poster
Energy Consumption and the Unexplained Winter Warming over Northern Asia and North America MSD Poster
Leveraging Emulators for Integrated Assessment Modeling of Climate Impacts MSD
Implications of Constant Land Unit Boundaries for Land Use Projection in a Changing Climate MSD Poster
Evaluation of GCAM Agricultural Land Use Modeling: A Hindcasting Experiment Comparing Model Behavior to History Poster
The South Pacific Meridional Mode: A Mechanism for ENSO-like Variability and a Precursor for ENSO RGMA

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