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Scale up the influence of aerosols on deep convection derived from GoAmazon/CHUVA measurement to Amazon basin December 16, 2015
Inevitable changes in snowpack and water resources over California’s Sierra Nevada December 16, 2015
netCDF Operators for Rapid Analysis of Measured and Modeled Swath-like Data December 16, 2015 Poster
Inconsistencies in Future Changes in Tropical Cyclone Statistics between CMIP5-Class Models and state of the art high resolution atmospheric models December 15, 2015
Influences of Vegetation Phenological Shifts on Water and Energy Cycle December 15, 2015
Evaluating the Global Water Cycle at High-Resolution in the ACME Climate Model December 15, 2015
Understanding and Reducing the Double ITCZ Bias in Coupled Ocean-Atmosphere Models December 15, 2015
Interactions Between Soil Organic Carbon Concentration and Soil Thermal and Hydraulic Dynamics and Its Impact on Soil Carbon Storage in Northern High-latitudes December 15, 2015
Community-Based Benchmarking of the CMIP DECK Experiments December 15, 2015
Terrestrial Carbon Storage Dynamics: Chasing a moving target December 15, 2015
Socio-ecological Typologies for Understanding Adaptive Capacity of a Region to Natural Disasters December 15, 2015
Assessment of Large-Scale Water Storage Dynamics in the Community Land Model December 15, 2015
Model For Prediction Across Scales (MPAS) Applied to Regional Climate of the Northwestern U.S. December 15, 2015
Vegetation Regulates Streamflow Intra-Annual Variability by Adapting to Climate Variations December 15, 2015
Drivers of the Increasing Mean Annual CO2 Cycle in the CESM December 15, 2015
MPAS-CICE: A new Los Alamos sea-ice model for regionally refined model domains December 15, 2015 Poster
Improving Throughput of the ACME Climate Model by Parallel Splitting Atmospheric Physics and Dynamics December 15, 2015 Poster
Implicit Time Stepping and Preconditioning for Atmospheric Dynamics in the Community Atmosphere Model December 15, 2015
Relationships Among Top-of-atmosphere Radiation and Atmospheric State Variables in Observations and CESM December 15, 2015
Nonlinear Interactions between Climate and Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Drivers of Terrestrial and Marine Carbon Cycle Changes from 1850 to 2300 December 15, 2015
Diagnosing Drought in a Changing Climate December 15, 2015
Detection and Attribution of Extra-Tropical Cyclone Activity in CMIP-5 December 15, 2015
Tempest: Tools for Addressing the Needs of Next-Generation Climate Models December 15, 2015 Poster
Deriving New Topography-based Global Datasets for Land Surface Modeling December 15, 2015 Poster
The Impact of Diurnal Cycle Over the Maritime Continent on the Madden-Julian Oscillation December 15, 2015
Representing Effects of Complex Terrain on Mountain Meteorology and Hydrology December 15, 2015 Oral, Invited
Implementation Ambiguity: The fifth element long lost in uncertainty budgets for land biogeochemical modeling December 15, 2015
A Review of Measurement and Modeling of Light-Absorbing Particles in Snow and Ice and their Climatic and Hydrological Impact December 15, 2015 Oral, Invited
Satellite Solar-induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence Reveals Drought Onset Mechanisms: Insights from Two Contrasting Extreme Events December 15, 2015
Competitive Influences on Droughts: Present and Future December 15, 2015