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Assessing the Impacts of Central Valley Irrigation on Downstream Precipitation in the Irrigation-Enabled Community Earth System December 16, 2016
Assessing the Impacts of forest degradation on water, energy, and carbon budgets in Amazon forest using the Functionally
Assessing the Impacts of forest degradation on water, energy, and carbon budgets in Amazon forest using the Functionally Assembled Terrestrial Ecosystem Simulator December 14, 2017
Assessing the urban ozone production sensitivity trends in Korea using the measurements from nation-wide air-monitoring stations from 2001 to 2017 December 11, 2018
Assessing Uncertainty in Deep Learning Techniques that Identify Atmospheric Rivers in Climate Simulations December 11, 2017
Assessment of Climate Model Simulated Clouds through Satellite Simulators May 12, 2014
Assessment of Large-Scale Water Storage Dynamics in the Community Land Model December 15, 2015
Assessment of Observational Uncertainties and Model Performance in Mean and Extreme Precipitation Characteristics December 13, 2018
Asymmetry variabilities of mesoscale eddy activity alongside the Kuroshio Extension December 14, 2018
Asynchronous warming and δ18O evolution of deep Atlantic water masses during the last deglaciation December 12, 2017 Oral
Atmosphere Breakout May 06, 2015 Presentation
Atmosphere Group May 05, 2015 Presentation
Atmosphere Group June 07, 2016 Presentation
Atmosphere Group November 09, 2016 Presentation
Atmosphere Group November 11, 2016
Atmosphere Group Publications November 10, 2016 Presentation
Atmosphere Group Recap November 11, 2016 Presentation
Atmosphere Highlights May 06, 2015 Presentation
Atmospheric Chemistry in ACME May 05, 2015 Presentation
Atmospheric Chemistry in ACME May 06, 2015 Poster
Atmospheric redistribution of reactive nitrogen and phosphorus by wildfires and implications for global carbon cycling (Invited) December 15, 2017
Atmospheric Response to an Open-Ocean Polynya in a High-Resolution Climate Model Poster
Atmospheric River Tracking Method Intercomparison Project (ARTMIP): Science Goals and Preliminary Analysis (Invited) December 14, 2017
Atmospheric Rivers and Heavy Precipitation From a Hierarchy of Climate Simulations December 16, 2015
Atmospheric Rivers in the Mid-Latitudes: A modeling study for current and future climates December 14, 2015
Attributing extreme déjà vu events: Hurricane Harvey and Louisiana flood January 07, 2019
Attributing Increased River Flooding in the Future: Hydrodynamic Downscaling Reveals Role of Plant Physiological Responses to
Attribution of the Recent Winter Arctic warming and Sea-Ice Decline with Observation-based Data and Coupled Climate Model Simulations December 16, 2015
Automated Post Processing June 06, 2017 Poster
Balancing accuracy, efficiency, and flexibility in a radiative transfer parameterization for dynamical models (Invited) December 12, 2017