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Plenary Introduction - Koch November 02, 2015 Presentation
Plenary Introduction - Intro of New Collaborators and University Partners June 07, 2016 Presentation
Plenary Introduction - Bader November 02, 2015 Presentation
Plant Stoichiometry Traits in Earth System Land Model and Their Impacts on Terrestrial Ecosystem Carbon Cycle December 09, 2019
Plant N & P Uptake is De-Coupled from Demand: Implications for the BGC Inter-Comparison June 06, 2017 Poster
Pico-Phytoplankton Controls on Global Ocean Carbon Export and C:N:P Stoichiometry Patterns June 05, 2017 Poster
Physics-dynamics Coupling with CAM-SE (HOMME): Equal-area Physics Grid May 12, 2014 Poster
Physical Mechanism Underlying Tropical Rainfall Biases from Transpose AMIP Simulation with CAM5 May 14, 2014 Poster
Perturbed convection parameter experiments: Sensitivity to ACME and CESM vertical resolution June 09, 2016 Poster
Performance Group Recap November 11, 2016 Presentation
Performance Group June 07, 2016 Presentation
Performance Group November 10, 2016 Presentation
Performance Focused Developments within MPAS-Ocean May 14, 2014 Poster
Parametric Uncertainty Quantification Workflow for ALM November 03, 2015 Poster
Parametric Sensitivity to Regional Mesh Refinement in the Community Atmosphere Model (CAM) May 14, 2014 Poster
Parametric sensitivity in ACME-v1 atmospheric model revealed by short Perturbed Parameters Ensemble (PPE) simulations June 09, 2016 Poster
Parametric sensitivity and uncertainty quantification in the version 1 of E3SM Atmosphere Model based on short Perturbed Parameters Ensemble simulations December 13, 2018
Parametric Sensitivity and Tuning in ACME-V1 Atmosphere Model Based on Short Perturbed Parameters Ensemble (PPE) Simulations: Method, Application and Limitations June 06, 2017 Poster
Parametric Sensitivity Analysis of Precipitation at Global and Local Scales in the Community Atmosphere Model CAM5 May 14, 2014 Poster
Parameterizing CAM's Deep Convection with the Stochastic Parcel Model May 14, 2014
Parallel Ensemble Simulations for ACME Performance and Verification November 03, 2015 Poster
Optimal Initial Conditions for Coupling Ice Sheet Models to Earth System Models May 14, 2014 Presentation
Opportunities in NERSC exascale science application program June 09, 2016 Poster
Only YOU Can Prevent Performance Fires June 06, 2017 Presentation
On the Threshold Behavior of Extreme Precipitation-Temperature Relationships and Potential Future Changes December 14, 2017
On the errors in calculating solar radiation in Earth system models December 11, 2018
Ocean/Sea Ice/Land Ice/Marine BGC June 05, 2017 Presentation
Ocean/Ice Group Recap November 11, 2016
Ocean/Ice Group June 07, 2016 Presentation
Ocean/Ice Group November 09, 2016 Presentation