Assistance with Incorporating Impacts into Integrated Assessment

Funding Program: 


    Since 2007, DOE's Integrated Assessment Research Program (IARP) has engaged Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) in strengthening the capacity of Integrated Assessment Research in general and Integrated Assessment Modeling in particular to address questions about possible impacts of climate change and possible adaptive responses. As an extension of the IARP effort, under this modification, ORNL will carry out in collaboration with the Los Alamos National Laboratory's targeted activity to:

    • Strengthen the capacity to analyze climate change impacts of and responses to climate change of built infrastructures in the United States, linked to ongoing integrated assessment modeling efforts,
    • Improve capacities to explore and understand issues of infrastructure vulnerability and fragility as climate change combines with other system stresses, and
    • Connect with, inform, and be informed by other DOE critical infrastructure activities of interest to DOE.
    Project Term: 
    2007 to 2014
    Project Type: 
    Science Focus Area (SFA)