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Title Principal Investigator(s)sort descending Institution Project Start Project End
Early Career: Detection and Attribution of Regional Climate Change with a Focus on the Precursors of Droughts 2012 2017
Fire, dust, air and water: Improving aerosol biogeochemistry interactions in ACME.
Improving tide-estuary representation in MPAS-Ocean
Detection of Historical and Future Precipitation Variations and Extremes Over the Continental United States Anderson, Bruce Boston University 2011 2014
Future Projections of Mean and Variabililty of the Asian Summer Monsoon and Indian Ocean Climate Systems Annamalai, H. University of Hawaii 2008 2012
Physics and Dynamics Coupling Across Scales in the Next Generation CESM: Meeting the Challenge of High Resolution Bacmeister, Julio National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR)
CSSEF: Climate Science for a Sustainable Energy Future Bader, Dave Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Energy Exascale Earth System Model Bader, David C Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory 2014 2017
Data Exploration and Analysis of Ultra-Large Climate Data Bethel, E. Wes Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory 2010 2013
A Regional Earth System Model of the NE Corridor: Analyzing 21st Century Climate and Environment - Energy Systems Analysis and Emission Scenarios Bhatt, Vatsal Brookhaven National Laboratory 2011 2014
A Study of Long-Term Changes in Cold Air Outbreaks and Warm Spells Black, Robert Georgia Institute of Technology 2010 2013
Large-Scale Meteorological Organization of Extreme Weather Events Black, Robert X Georgia Institute of Technology School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences 2014 2017
Validation and quantification of uncertainty in coupled climate models using network analysis Bracco, Annalisa Georgia Institute of Technology School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
Predictability and Impacts of Intrinsic Decadal Basin Modes in a Warming Climate Branstator, Grant University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) 2010 2013
Investigating the Relationship Between Daily Temperature Extremes and Patterns of Climate Variability in Observations and Future Climate Simulations Broccoli, Anthony Rutgers State University 2010 2013
Assessing Regional Scale Variability in Extreme Value Statistics Under Altered Climate Scenarios Brunsell, Nathaniel A. Kansas Center For Research 2010 2013
Improving the Representation of Coastal and Estuarine Processes in Earth System Models Bryan, Frank National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR)
Process-Resolving Decomposition of the Global Temperature Response to Modes of Low Frequency Variability in a Changing Climate Cai, Ming Florida State University 2010 2013
Present and Future Modes of Low Frequency Climate Variability Cane, Mark Columbia University 2010 2013
Subseasonal to Seasonal Prediction of Extratropical Storm Track Activity over the U.S. using NMME Data Chang, Kar Stony Brook University
Understanding Climate Model Biases in Tropical Atlantic and Their Impact on Simulations of Extreme Climate Events Chang, Ping Texas A&M University
A Climate Impact Assessment Service for Urban and Regional Planning Cheetham, Robert Azavea Inc
Integrating Human and Earth System Dynamics (iHESD) Scientific Focus Area Clarke, Leon Pacific Northwest National Laboratory 2015 2018
Investigating the Mechanisms of Walker Circulation Variability on Decadal Timescales and in Response to Anthropogenic Forcing Clement, Amy University of Miami 2010 2013
Calibrated and Systematic Characterization, Attribution, and Detection of Extreme (CASCADE) Collins, William Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Investigation of the Magnitudes and Probabilities of Abrupt Climate Transitions (IMPACTS) Collins, William Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory 2007 2013
MULTISCALE: Accurate, Efficient, and Scale-Aware Models of the Earth System Collins, William D. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory 2011 2016
Developing and Implementing Ocean-Atmosphere Reanalyses for Climate Applications (OARCA) Compo, Gilbert University of Colorado 2011 2014
High-Resolution Model Development to Quantify the Impact of Icebergs on the Stability of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation Condron, Alan University of Massachusetts Amherst
Changes in Intense Precipitation Events in West Africa and the Central U.S. Under Global Warming Cook, Kerry The University of Texas 2010 2013