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Title Principal Investigator(s) Institution Project Start Project Endsort ascending
Compensation between Poleward Energy Transports in the Ocean and Atmosphere Kwon, Young-Oh Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Understanding Recent Global Hydroclimate Change using Multivariate Detection and Attribution Techniques and GCM Experiments Kushnir, Yochanan Columbia University
Evolution in Cloud Population Statistics of the MJO: From AMIE Field Observations to Global Cloud-Permitting Models Zhang, Chidong University of Miami
Collaborative Proposal: Impacts of Aerosols and Air-Sea Interaction on Community Earth System Model (CESM) Biases in the Western Pacific Warm Pool Region Saravanan, Ramalingam Texas A&M University
Ocean and Sea Ice and their Interactions around Greenland and the West Antarctic Peninsula in Forced Fine-Resolution Global Simulations McClean, Julie Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Understanding the Effects of Tides and Eddies on the Ocean Dynamics, Sea Ice Cover and Decadal/Centennial Climate Prediction Using the Regional Arctic Climate Model (RACM) Hutchings, Jennifer Oregon State University
An Integrated Evaluation of the Simulated Hydroclimate System of the Continental US Ullrich, Paul A University of California Davis
Climate Change Information System for Business and Industry Dutton, John Prescient Weather Ltd
A Hierarchical Evaluation Framework for Assessing Climate Simulations Relevant to the Energy-Water-Land Nexus Gutowski Jr., William J Iowa State University
A Climate Impact Assessment Service for Urban and Regional Planning Cheetham, Robert Azavea Inc
Developing Metrics to Evaluate the Skill and Credibility of Downscaling Hall, Alex University of California at Los Angeles
Fire, Dust, Air and Water: Improving aerosol biogeochemistry interactions in ACME Mahowald, Natalie Marie Cornell University
Integrated Multi-scale, Multi-sector Modeling (IM3) Scientific Focus Area Kraucunas, Ian Pacific Northwest National Laboratory